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On-Demand: Revive Your Content - How Unforgettable Design Impacts Seller Success

Optimizing Sales, Content and Value Enablement for Sales Success Having the right content can really make a huge difference in winning a deal or being an also-ran. This according to Sean Goldie, VP of Revenue Enablement and Strategy for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) leader 6sense, as we interviewed him at our annual EVOLVE 2021 community event.

The static eBook is dead. Interactive content is the future.

Interactive content has become somewhat of a buzzword over the last year-and-a-half. Why is it so important? It’s not just that this content is more visual and engaging. It also remedies some of the bigger sales challenges created by static content including eBooks. The eBook had a good run after becoming an obvious, easier-to-navigate successor

On-Demand: Are you Struggling to Forecast and Hit Your Revenue Targets? You Are Not Alone

Leveraging activity, content, value and intent data and revenue intelligence to evolve forecasting and boost sales productivity, predictability and performance When surveyed, most organizations admit to just how much their forecasting ability falls short, despite how much effort is put into it. In fact, according to Forrester Consulting and LinkedIn research: 60% of sales leaders

Do I need sales enablement technology?

It is the most challenging selling environment ever, leaving many corporations to wonder, “do I need sales enablement technology?” The answer is yes – and not just for your sellers.  Who Needs Sales Enablement Technology? In 2021, your entire revenue team, from marketing to sales to customer care, needs the tools, education, processes, and content

Three Tips For A Modern Approach To Sales Enablement (Forbes Biz Dev Council)

Advancing Sales Enablement to Meet new Digital Selling and Buyer Needs B2B selling was already in flux when Covid-19 hit and dramatically accelerated changes around purchase decisions. Forrester’s 2021 B2B Buying Study revealed the buying behaviors that shifted over the past year and a half, and highlighted significant decision friction and the resultant lengthening of

Partner and Sales Enablement Made Easy with Interactive Presentations, Business Value and Workspaces

Driving Sales Enablement Excellence with better content, value-focus and content portals How do you better grow your business with channel /business partners and key prospect accounts? It’s all about leveraging sales enablement to centralize, promote and share important content, selling with business value and ROI, and improving tracking and intelligence to improve visibility and intelligence.

Are marketing teams replacing sales reps?

83% of a typical B2B purchase decision happens before a buyer engages with a vendor. That means today’s marketers, not sales reps, have the most influence over B2B buyers. With marketing teams sitting in the driver seat for the majority of the B2B buyer journey, some organizations wonder if they’ll soon replace sales reps altogether.

EVOLVERS Spotlight: LSQ FastTrack Working Capital Calculator

LSQ is an innovative finance provider for growing companies. They wanted to provide an asset to help their prospects and customers understand the ability to unlock working capital to help fuel investment and growth, as well as determine potential cost savings from managing your accounts payable and suppliers more efficiently. LSQ partnered with Mediafly to

Virtual Selling Success: From Pitching to Prescribing with a Problem Solving 101 Approach: w/ Tim Wackel (Sales Trainer/Speaker/Sales Hall of Fame Inductee)

When selling virtually, sellers are reporting some serious challenges, including the ability to connect, get stakeholders together, gain consensus and instill confidence in the decision, this according to Gartner. So how do you best overcome each of these challenges? To understand how best we tapped the wisdom of Tim Wackel, a leading sales trainer, keynote speaker, and

The ultimate value selling checklist

If you haven’t already transitioned from a traditional product pitch to value selling, you’re likely considering it. Research from Rain Group shows improving the ability to communicate value is a top priority for 70% of today’s sales organizations. And for good reason.  According to Forrester Consulting, only 10% of buyers report sales reps are value-focused,

Mediafly announces Evolved Selling™ award winners

There’s one thing everyone at Mediafly agrees on: we have the very best customers. During Mediafly’s EVOLVE 2021 Event, we recognized several of these forward-thinkers and innovators doing great things with Mediafly solutions at their organizations. Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2021 Evolved Selling Awards: Sales Enablement: The Sequel Sales Enablement

If it Don’t Make Dollars It Don’t Make Sense

If it Don’t Make Dollars It Don’t Make Sense When it comes to your customers, unless you can prove to them that the proposed project will generate significant savings, boost productivity, reduce risk and drive transformation and growth, it is likely not going to get approved. Executives, the ever-larger buying-committee and the CF”No” are all

Remote Selling ViewPoints Interview (Smart Selling Tools)

Optimize your sales, content and value enablement for remote selling success Remote selling doesn’t just mean presenting online instead of in person. The implications of remote or virtual selling are turning out to be vast. For sure, game-changing. Our ROI Guy, Tom Pisello, was interviewed by Nancy Nardin and Smart Selling Tools to get his

6 key takeaways from Mediafly’s EVOLVE 2021 event

That’s a wrap on EVOLVE 2021! Featuring speakers from Forrester Research, PING Identity, 6sense, and more, Mediafly’s flagship event ignited the content engagement revolution with expert insights on how to create a more interactive, value-focused, and impactful B2B buyer journey.  From exciting Mediafly product announcements to fascinating new sales enablement trends, EVOLVE was jam-packed with

EVOLVERS Spotlight: TIBCO Analytics Maturity Assessment

TIBCO wanted to take a capability and maturity assessment for their analytics solution, and make it available for customers to run self-service. TIBCO partnered with Mediafly to take a spreadsheet based model and create an on-line Analytics Maturity Assessment. This easy to use and powerful self assessment provides an assessment and peer comparison report in

13 Smart Ways To Get Customers To Fill Out Your Survey

Consumer feedback is essential to growing a business and keeping customers happy. By analyzing the answers to well-thought-out questions, business owners can get valuable insights into new ways to serve customers. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to get quality responses from the feedback surveys you send out. Customers may not always be receptive

How to improve sales forecasting with revenue intelligence

Today, Mediafly is excited to announce the release of Revenue360, a unique revenue intelligence solution that marries sales activity, buyer intent, and content engagement data in one unified dashboard for a 360-degree view of deal and account health.  What is Revenue Intelligence? Revenue operations (RevOps) is the alignment of software, systems, processes, and data across

How to Retain and Grow Existing Accounts

How equipped are your post-sale or account management teams to grow existing accounts? Before the crisis, many sales organizations prioritized adding new accounts and hunting way ahead of retaining, nurturing, and growing existing accounts. Fast forward into the pandemic, and we saw a significant shift, a “circling of the wagons” around existing customer accounts and

Buyer enablement across the full customer lifecycle

Gartner defines buyer enablement as “the provisioning of information that supports the completion of critical activities necessary to make a purchase.” Today, most organizations deploy sales enablement technology to their sellers to indirectly enable buyers. The thought process is this: If we enable sellers to provide buyers with the information, content, and resources they need

6 Steps to Create an Effective Virtual Sales Presentation

With 80% of all sales interactions expected to occur digitally by 2025, virtual sales presentations are here to stay. Do your presentations effectively capture your digital buyers’ attention and help move deals forward? How to Create an Effective Virtual Sales Presentation The easiest way to determine if your virtual sales presentations are indeed effective is

Evolving From Sales Rep to Ambassador of Trust

Leveraging Transparency and Trust to get B2B Buyers to “Yes” When it comes to making a decision, neuroscience tells us that there are three key buy buttons that you have to trigger as a seller to get B2B buyers to “Yes”: Emotion, Logic and Trust. And this is not new, as some 2,600 years ago