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From Pride to Prejudice: Navigating Asian American Identity in a Changing World

Every year, AANHPI Heritage Month comes around, and every year, the only voices that get uplifted are the middle/upper class East Asian Americans, including those of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent. Sometimes lighter-skinned Southeast Asian Americans get recognition as well. Every year, Southeast, South, Southwest, Central Asian and Pacific Islanders are disappointed, but unsurprised to

Maximizing Revenue Enablement with Generative AI: A CTO's Guide to GPT and LLMs

As Mediafly’s CTO, with over 20 years of experience in engineering, consulting, product management, and executive roles, I’ve witnessed groundbreaking technological innovations that have reshaped our world. From the Internet and mobile proliferation to client-server, ASPs, and SaaS, each disruption has had a profound and lasting impact on personal experiences and company operations, particularly in

Rev up your revenue engine: key stats and trends in B2B revenue enablement

As buyer budgets shrink and competition for wallet share intensifies, enabling the entire GTM team is paramount to success. Gartner believes that in the next 5 years, enablement budgets will increase by 50%, writing “sales enablement is the most critical function for navigating sales teams through the constant change that surrounds them”. Despite the uncertain

The 7 Revenue Intelligence Signals You Don’t Want To Miss

Revenue intelligence is all about using data analytics, machine learning, and AI to gather, analyze, and interpret customer and sales data to boost revenue growth and operational efficiency. Gartner defines revenue intelligence as, “third-party solutions that enhance the activity management, deal insights and pipeline analytics offered by sales force automation (SFA) platforms”. This involves collecting

Value selling and value management: It's not rocket science, it's rocket fuel

In today’s uncertain economy and hyper-competitive business environment, the best product, pitched by the best seller, doesn’t necessarily win. Companies that want to drive urgency and stand out from the competition must demonstrate value at every stage of the sales cycle, embracing value selling. Over the last five years the ways buyers buy has changed

Discover the depth & breadth of Mediafly in the Spring G2 Grid® report

Spring has officially arrived and that means another G2 Grid report has been released. As we move ahead our clocks, the revenue enablement and revenue intelligence technology spaces continue to evolve and advance at breakneck speed. Businesses are searching for solutions to effectively support their go-to-market teams, improve their customer experience, and differentiate themselves to

Lights, Camera, Action: Mediafly Sets The Stage For Category Leadership

Even if they don’t admit it publicly, consultants have their favorite clients – and Forrester analysts are no different. Back in 2015 as a newly minted principal analyst, I first met Carson Conant, Mediafly’s Founder and CEO when he and his team requested an advisory session. I had been on the job for two weeks

How to boost trade show ROI

Still passing out printed collateral at trade shows? Time to think again. Trade shows and events are a key part of many organizations’ marketing strategies. Events offer a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services, meet potential customers, and network with industry peers. However, in recent years, there has been a shift

Value selling: what the experts have to say about adoption, methodology, ROI & more

Value selling is a crucial strategy for businesses looking to establish long-term relationships with their customers and break through the dreaded no-decision. However, it’s not always easy to execute effectively. That’s why we’ve turned to some of the top value-selling experts. Michelle Bai (Head of Analytics and Value, Digital Strategy Group at Adobe) and Jose

How to build a sales coaching culture that drives more revenue

Sales coaching is a crucial part of your sales program. On average, companies that invest in training and coaching their employees can expect a 353% return on investment, a 29% increase in win rate, an 8.4% increase in revenue year-over-year, and are 57% more effective than their competitors that have no formal training program. Yet,

How to shorten your sales cycle

When it comes to increasing revenue, most B2B teams focus on three core areas: Increasing win rates Growing your annual contract value (ACV) Winning deals faster While the 3rd of these options is usually considered the easiest and quickest to achieve, it’s also often the most misunderstood. Here, we’re breaking down how to shorten your

A proven framework to value sell at every touchpoint

So, you’re ready to move to value selling. You can see the sense in selling based on the value your solution brings to each customer, rather than wasting your customer’s attention on features and benefits that don’t speak to their needs. Value selling looks like the best way to serve your customers, and grow your

How to create more sales coaching impact with fewer calories burned

Cited as the most important role that frontline managers play by 74% of leading companies, sales coaching is a critical part of every sales organization. But, it can be very time-consuming for managers juggling many other responsibilities. To help, we’ve outlined how sales managers can create more sales coaching impact with fewer calories burned.  What

Evaluating value selling maturity

Where is your organization on the value selling maturity scale? 87% of high-growth companies now take a value-based approach to sales. Meanwhile, Rain Group reports improving the ability to communicate value is a top priority for 70% of sales organizations. Value selling is not just the recommended way to sell. It is the only way

How talent intelligence can help you hit sales targets

Workplace dynamics have evolved immensely over the last decade. The workforce has also changed a lot during that period.  Today’s revenue teams are no longer content with the workplace culture of yesterday. Extrinsic motivators that propelled productivity decades ago are no longer enough to motivate employees. And competitors are always lurking, ready to capitalize on

Is it time for PowerPoint to step down and retire for good?

We originally asked if it was time for PowerPoint to step down and retire for good in a blog article in 2015. A lot has happened since then, so I thought I’d revisit that article to see if what we said has played out.  Is it time for PowerPoint to retire? Launched in 1987 for

Top 10 sales outreach tips for 2023

Sales outreach is a critical part of a rep’s daily routine. The average sales rep makes 52 calls every day. Yet, 63% of sellers say cold calling is the worst part of their job.  Want to make it better? Here are ten tips to make sales calls easier — and more productive. 1. Treat each

5 considerations for your digital marketing strategy

I have no authority to do this, but I’m making a pronouncement: value has overtaken benefits as the heart of digital marketing strategy.  You might respond to this in several ways. 100% agree. Really? That’s not my experience. Aren’t benefits and value the same thing? I’m going to high-five the first response and hope to

5 proven strategies to increase conversion rates

Ah, the annual planning process. Whether you love or hate it, it is part of the job for any B2B go-to-marketer. The mission — assess current marketing efforts, set goals for the upcoming year, and develop a roadmap for achieving those goals. Reasonable, yes. Easy, absolutely not. Your job is to grow the pipeline, increase

Top 5 predictions for B2B revenue teams in 2023

As we close out the year and begin to prepare for 2023, many revenue leaders are wondering what the next year will bring… Good news! We’ve got some ideas to share. Mediafly CMO Lindsey Tishgart sat down with our featured guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Rick Bradberry on a recent webinar to discuss the top

How to reduce costs across your sales tech stack

For many B2B companies, sales tech stack consolidation is top of mind heading into 2023. And for good reason. While the average company spends over $10k per rep/per year on sales tech, the vast investment has not translated to sales productivity or increased win rates.  In fact, according to Forrester, only 53% of sales reps

How to create a content strategy that fuels the customer experience

Content across the customer experience can sometimes feel disconnected. Because different people across your organization create content for various use cases and audiences, the content your customers receive throughout their lifecycle can expose a lack of alignment, coordination, or cohesiveness. So how do you fix it? On a recent webinar, Mediafly CMO Lindsey Tishgart sat

New research + opportunities to uplevel your sales enablement strategy in 2023

Curious how your sales enablement strategy stacks up? In May 2022, Mediafly, in partnership with RevOps Squared, conducted a Future of Revenue Enablement study, a survey of more than 300 B2B enterprises designed to uncover best practices in Sales Enablement across processes, tools, management, and measurement. As the current economic downturn forces B2B companies to

Highlights from The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022

Great news! Forrester has released The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022, and we’re thrilled to see Mediafly included.  At Mediafly, we’ve made it our focus to build out the most robust, all-encompassing sales content solutions that support go-to-market teams with everything from creating engaging, value-focused content to managing and delivering that content to

13 statistics scaring today’s Revenue Leaders (and how to change them)

Happy Halloween! Whether you are a fan of spooky season or not, there is one thing all revenue leaders can agree on: the prospect of not meeting your revenue targets can be frightening enough to send Michael Myers running. But fear not. Save your nightmares (and potentially your quarter) with this round-up of scary stats

What is value realization?

As the end of 2022 draws near, with continued economic uncertainty, closing deals can feel near impossible. A recent survey conducted by Mediafly, in partnership with RevOps Squared, revealed that 65% of B2B companies are leaning into value selling to help.  But did you know sales isn’t the only commercial team that can benefit from

How do you improve sales performance?

A note from Mediafly: We will dive into how to improve sales performance in a minute, but first (in case you missed it), we are excited to announce we have acquired Aptology, a leading talent intelligence solution that we will integrate into our Revenue360 platform. Most companies evaluate talent based on education, experience, and interviews.

16 sales enablement statistics that will make you want to try it

The global sales enablement market is estimated to be worth around 2.4 billion dollars, with experts projecting that number will grow to $11 billion by 2032. Why are businesses in every industry all over the world prioritizing sales enablement like never before? When done right, sales enablement is a foolproof way to ensure all of

Mediafly recognized in the Gartner® Market Guide for Revenue Enablement Platforms

For years, Mediafly has pushed the idea that all revenue teams, not just sellers, need cohesive enablement to plan and execute go-to-market strategies and drive more revenue. So we are thrilled to see that Gartner has adapted its Market Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms to encompass Revenue Enablement for revenue-generating roles including marketing, presales, sales,

Increase customer retention with realized ROI calculators

Are you are looking for new ways to increase customer retention? You are not alone. In today’s challenging selling environment and economy, 62% of solution providers indicate their top priority is “driving growth through existing customers” (Forrester). It is easy to see why: 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Companies have a