Value Tools & Calculators

Don’t just say it, prove it

Leverage ROI calculators, TCO comparisons, business value assessments and realized ROI to tie your solutions to a customer’s unique buying criteria.

Mediafly powers the world's top enterprise revenue teams

Eliminate the dreaded indecision

Lead prescriptive conversations with buyers.

Align your solutions to their challenges, and differentiate yourself from the competition. With powerful visuals, personalized insights, and actionable data, you can prove your business value and close deals faster. 

Secure stakeholder approval and budget

Quantify the value of your solution.

Create customized ROI and TCO calculators that provide a visual cost-benefit analysis of your offer versus a competitor’s. Intuitively show ROI to make it easier for customers to get the buy-in they need. 

Improve customer retention and LTV

Enable post-sale teams with realized value calculators.

Shine a spotlight on the quantifiable benefits of your product or service. It’s exactly what you need to proactively drive upsells, boost renewal rates, and eliminate churn.

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Value Selling

Tie your offering to your customers’ value drivers


Measure and optimize your value program


Prepare your customer-facing teams for every opportunity

Our win rate jumps from 8% to 55% when our sales reps leverage the business value assessment we created with Mediafly.

Doug May
VP Global Value Acceleration

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