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Frequently asked questions

Curious how Mediafly natively integrates with the SAP Customer Experience portfolio to drive more value for sellers and foster standout engagement with buyers? Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Are your reps spending too much time searching for relevant and engaging content? Are you missing your forecast quarter after quarter? Do you have too many stalled deals in your sales pipeline? No matter your sales challenge, Mediafly can help.

Revenue360 is comprised of four solution suites, deployed individually or as a single platform. 

Engagement360 - Enterprise content management and delivery, interactive content and visual storytelling, personalized microsites, and video and screen recording tools help your team effortlessly search, find, and personalize content for an upleveled buyer experience. Customers who leverage Engagement360 reduce meeting preparation time by 30% and share 34% more content.

Coach360 - Conversation intelligence, learning management, Talent Intelligence, insight-driven coaching plans, Smart Alerts, and Scorecards ensure you (1) hire the right person for the role and (2) continuously improve productivity without adding headcount. Customers that leverage Coach360 see up to 35% more first call to sales pipeline conversions and up to 31% more closed-won opportunities.

Intelligence360 - Automated activity capture, conversation intelligence, advanced analytics and KPI tracking, pipeline management, and ML-powered predictive forecasting help your team effectively manage sales pipeline, forecast accurately, and drive more predictable revenue growth. Customers who use Intelligence360 increase CRM data by 10x and improve win rates by as much as 90%.

Value360 - Value storytelling frameworks, ROI and TCO tools, self-service marketing assessments, and realized value calculators empower your marketers, sellers, and customer success managers to quantify and communicate your unique business value across the customer journey. Customers who use Value360 improve win rates by up to 6x. 

A turnkey integration with SAP means Mediafly fits seamlessly into your existing tech stack. Use Mediafly to centralize all your content and make it accessible to users directly within the SAP interface. Enhance your visual storytelling when selling in-person or remotely while automating data flow into your SAP ecosystem to improve SAP Sales Cloud adoption by up to 300%.

Customers who integrate Mediafly with their existing SAP solutions:

Improve sales productivity. Mediafly customers spend an average of 20 to 30% less time weekly preparing for meetings. Enterprise teams report saving up to 100,000 hours per year.

Personalize content at scale. Give your sellers a single source of truth to ​access, create, and share interactive sales content. Robust user permissions empower sales reps to personalize on-brand, marketing-approved content to create immersive, personalized experiences for buyers.

Complete revenue & deal intelligence. Break down data silos, forecast accurately, and replicate sales wins with a single dashboard showing content engagement, conversation intelligence, buyer intent, and sales activity data. Analyze data captured at every touchpoint across the buyer journey for a holistic view of your pipeline with prescriptive next steps.

Mediafly follows SAP's best practice recommendations to deliver proven solutions to real customer challenges, ensure easy configuration, and provide long-term integration support.

Typically, integration consists of two parts:

  • A back-end, server-side integration. This is usually done through an authenticated service account and allows Mediafly to query for specific data within your SAP service.
  • One or more front-end UI integrations, typically through an iFrame mash-up. The use of iFrames allows client administrators to configure and adjust the integration without significant engineering resources.

The Mediafly Revenue360 platform is turnkey, resulting in weeks to implementation and respective value. While the timeline may vary based on the number of integrations and deployment schedule, it generally ranges from 4-6 weeks, including integrations with SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Litmos® solutions.

The IT resources required to implement Mediafly are modest and typically only needed for integrations with single sign-on (SSO) and CRM solutions. You may also need IT resources to provide Mediafly with authorized access to test and verify the data flow following our well-documented standard processes.

Implementations generally require a representative from your sales enablement or sales operations team to define the system structure and organize the content as you wish. Content owners and contributors assist in uploading content to the Mediafly platform, making it available to users.

Increase adoption of your SAP solution by as much as 300%

Designed as a turnkey SAP extension, Mediafly integrates seamlessly and makes your current tech investments perform better while ensuring higher adoption for maximized ROI across the board. 

Get a 360º view of the customer journey

Give your revenue team visibility and insights plus enablement and engagement tools to execute smarter and more effectively — in every deal, at every stage.

Empower commercial teams to easily personalize & share content throughout the buyer’s journey

Ensure content is always at sales reps' fingertips and on-demand for buyers. Manage all content from one centralized location. Easily access, create, and share interactive and on-brand sales content. Leverage built-in reports and dashboards to identify content impact during all sales stages and tie content to revenue.