How to reduce sales tech stack costs

While the average company spends over $10k per rep/per year on sales tech, only 53% of sales reps say their sales tech aids productivity and positively impacts results. Learn how to take inventory across the sales tech stack to identify redundancy, inefficiency, and untapped potential.

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The ultimate guide to sales tech stack consolidation

Ready to reduce your tech stack and save 30% or more? Check out our guide to find out how to:

  • Improve productivity and execution across all commercial teams
  • Support your full customer lifecycle
  • Spot redundancy, inefficiencies, or untapped potential in your existing revenue tech stack
A guide outlining the challenges of using too many point sales solutions & how to fix them through tech stack consolidation.

Mediafly Revenue360 is the leading revenue enablement platform

Our biggest motivation to consolidate was a desire to cut costs, save time, and increase efficiency. It no longer made sense for our sellers and marketers to work in two separate environments, so we decided to re-evaluate our current solutions and determine which would set us up for success for the next 10+ years.

Kevin White
Director of CRM
Sales Process & Technology Enablement, Sealed Air Corporation

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