Conversation Intelligence

Unlock powerful insights with conversation intelligence

Record, analyze, and coach based on real customer calls to understand what’s working — and what’s not. Get real-time visibility into what top performers do and then replicate winning behaviors across your team. 

Mediafly powers the world's top enterprise revenue teams

Eliminate the manual data entry and guesswork

Boost rep productivity.

Automate conversation tracking and analysis. Capture competitive mentions, next steps, pricing and feature requests — all within the same context of other sales activities, providing that coveted 360º view.

Coach based on data-driven insights

Utilize the power of Conversation Intelligence.

Provide targeted coaching and feedback to your sales reps. With AI-driven insights, you can identify patterns, best practices, and areas for improvement at scale, helping your team continuously improve their skills and close more deals.

Integrate seamlessly with your sales tech stack

Streamline workflows while automating manual tasks.

Connect your existing sales tools with Conversation Intelligence. Empower your sales reps with valuable insights and free them up to focus on selling.

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I was struck by how simple Mediafly’s Conversation Intelligence is to navigate and how quick and easy it is for managers and directors to review calls.

Sid Phillips
Chief Growth Officer
Hanover Research

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