Become a Trusted Sales Sherpa for Virtual Selling Success: w/David “D Fish” Fisher (Author, Speaker)

By Tom Pisello | January 19, 2022

In this our second interview with author, podcaster, keynote speaker and selling consultant David Fisher, better known as D-Fish, we discuss many topics, including how all is going with the transition to virtual in the Sales World. He had much insight on this and much more…

David has written 9 books including the best-sellers “Hyper-Connected Selling” and “Networking in the 21st Century”, and he’s the host of “Beer, Beats, and Business”, a podcast that shares casual conversations with leaders in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We tapped into this consulting and research experience to better understand what it takes to be a better seller, sales leader and revenue enablement professional with the “new normal”.

On how he thinks most sellers are coping with the transition…

“With mixed results…ya I think when we first chatted it was ‘OK we might be locked down for a week or two. We might not be able to go see our buyers for a couple weeks’, and now we are almost 18 months into some form of social distancing. I think it’s been a real strain, to be straightforward. On sellers, on sales leadership, on sales organizations-and the reason why is it’s been a real strain on humanity. I mean this is not an industry specific thing or a profession specific. I mean I don’t know a single friend of mine who has been like “Hey this last 18 months has been so easy and fantastic and I feel so light and airy” and so I think that any conversation about how selling has evolved and changed has to involve the knowledge that that’s the elephant in the room. We’ve all had to live through that.

“Unique. I think that’s a good way of describing it. I think this has come up in a number of conversations over the last, I would say throughout 2021, where if we really look at 2020 I feel that we went through 10 years of digital transformation in 10 months. A lot of people nod and smile and agree with that, I think that we really still haven’t wrestled with what that change means. It was interesting… The LinkedIn state of sales report that came out in 2021, it really… if you kinda read between the lines-it was not only are salespeople in this unique situation, but also sales leadership. So, like your front-line Sales Manager, your Director of Sales your VP of Sales. They are struggling going “how do we actually lead a team when we have people that we’ve never met reporting to us, and they are much more used to that culture of motivation and being in the office. I think that for people like you and me, yeah, we got the time back we don’t have to travel as much, but for Your average seller, if they weren’t traveling a lot… Sure they got a little time back but what they really got was this space that they didn’t know what to do with.”

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