Conversation intelligence: 10 unexpected use cases

By Nick Thompson | May 16, 2022

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence (CI) software records, transcribes and analyzes sales calls to deliver actionable insights on your market, messaging, and coaching. 

Listening to conversations between buyers and sellers offers plenty of use cases and insights. Conversation Intelligence is a powerful tool for sales coaching, training and ramping, understanding the market, and learning winning talk tracks. As technology and intelligence evolve through automation, AI, machine learning, and other emergences– the use cases for CI continue to expand. 

Who Needs Conversation Intelligence?

While companies in the tech industry have been quick to adopt technologies like conversation intelligence, companies in any industry can benefit from the right CI solution. Sales training and readiness are widely adopted, but leading revenue teams know they must incorporate analytics and data-driven sales coaching to be successful. CI should be an integrated part of every B2B sales tech stack. Here’s why:

But wait, there’s more! Conversation intelligence benefits multiple teams with use cases that extend the benefits even further than one might think. At Mediafly, we use conversation intelligence and have discovered ten surprising use cases that help us move the needle on efficiency and effectiveness. 

10 Use Cases for Conversation Intelligence

  1. Automate Note Taking: Spend more time actively listening to your customers by using the transcription capabilities as a note-taker and connecting transcripts (and calls) directly to your CRM. 
  2. Implement Peer-to-Peer Coaching Programs: Duplicating winning behaviors is a clear benefit, but building a program (and dedicating the time) to review and share feedback with your peers creates a safe learning and improvement culture.
  3. Create a “Best Call” Contest: Capitalize on the competitive nature of sellers and implement an award for the best call of the month, product launch, or any other specific topic that suits your team.
  4. Review Previous Conversations with Buyers: Context often gets lost in translation during handoffs between SDRs, sellers, and others involved in the sales process. Listening to or reviewing previous conversations prepares everyone for more efficient, relevant, and meaningful interactions.
  5. Self-Improvement: Sellers can review their calls and use the ‘game-film’ to uplevel their skills. Having sellers review their calls can help them identify missteps and request coaching if they get stuck.
  6. Identify Topics for Events or Content: As challenges become more prevalent among buyers, marketing can identify potential event themes or content topics to address the pains and drive engagement.
  7. Hone Your True Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Learn what type of customers, personas, and markets respond to your offering and adjust your ICP and targeting accordingly to drive more conversions.
  8. Learn from and Empower Partners: Extend Conversation Intelligence to partners helps them sell your product more effectively while expanding your reach and understanding of the market.
  9. Identify Potential New Products or Features: As new customer pains get discovered, your teams can gain inspiration for new products or features that will keep you aligned with customer needs.
  10. Expanded Intelligence by Integrating with Sales Tools: Conversation Intelligence delivers insights from calls and interactions, but when combined with other tools that track engagement activity, you can gain a holistic view of your deals.

The benefits of conversation intelligence help you improve seller performance by shortening the time to onboard and ramp, creating a culture of coaching, and enabling sellers to self-correct and peer review. When incorporating additional use cases with CI, you will maximize the benefit of the tool while also helping your organization get more intelligent in how they interact with customers.

Mediafly is the only solution that combines sales enablement, activity, and intelligence to give you a holistic, data-driven view of every deal and account. 

Want to learn more about Mediafly Conversation Intelligence or our Intelligence360 solution? Contact us for a personalized demo.

Nick Thompson is the VP of Product Marketing at Mediafly, where he is responsible for strategy and execution of all things related to bringing products to market and effectively telling the story of how Mediafly helps customers be successful. Working in the tech space the majority of his career, Nick is incredibly passionate about storytelling, buyer and sales enablement, and helping customers reach their potential. Nick attended Full Sail University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a focus on Media Entertainment.

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