Digital Sales Automation Drives RevOps Sales Tech Spend Explosion

By Tom Pisello | January 13, 2022

Vendor Neutrals Guide Helps You Get It Right, When It Can Go So Wrong

There isn’t an organization around that isn’t digitally transforming to help overcome today’s challenges like remote workforces, travel restrictions, supply chain constraints, raw materials inflation, the great resignation and more. As a result, enterprise software spending is estimated to leap 10% and exceed $557 billion in 2022.

And there isn’t a commercial organization that isn’t expanding and realigning their sales tech stack to do the same, addressing the need to recruit and onboard better, retain better, and get every ounce of productivity you can get out of every sales rep, and every drop of revenue from each prospect opportunity and customer engagement.

As a result, the trends indicate there is an explosion in sales tech spending far exceeding other areas of business investments. Vendor Neutral’s Complete Guide: How to Dramatically Enhance your Sales Tech ROI summarized the investments well, documenting the predicted investments:

Discussing this with Vendor Neutral’s CEO Dan Cilley, although the sales tech investments are on the rise, there is much confusion over exactly what to invest in next, and how much to spend. It is indeed an amazing time. where you can solve just about any problem you might be having …. “What if “ we were able to get sellers a tool to do X, Y and Z, and whatever you can imagine, there is likely a solution available now to solve it. What if could include Conversation intelligence, buyer intent, outreach automation, performance management, revenue intelligence, Content enablement, value enablement … any challenge, there’s a solution … you get the idea. “What if” is easily, sometimes too easily followed by “Here you go”.

Indeed, the landscape of potential sales tools and technology was already a busy one, with hundreds of available categories and a thousand different solutions, and now, it even more complex and as you add more and more tools to the stack, the toolbox is getting more costly per sales rep year after year.

“With such ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty on the part of the buyer, it is little wonder selecting sales technology is a consistently overwhelming and difficult proposition.” According to Dan and Vendor Neutral. And despite accelerating consolidation, it’s not getting any easier. ” whereby every year, more and more solutions look to enter the market, and organizations will have more and more choices to wade through when selecting a sales tech stack.”

And this is where Vendor Neutral’s new ROI guide comes into play. Not a lightweight piece of marketing fluff to promote some initiative or point of view, this independent guide is serious business, a comprehensive 52 page e-book that goes through everything that can go wrong, so it will not go so for you, and a framework to reconcile and optimize your own existing sales tech stack and proposed investments in 2021.

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