17 ways marketers can use video messaging to engage digital buyers

By Nick Thompson | June 22, 2022

B2B organizations struggle to connect with buyers in digital and hybrid environments. To reach today’s buyers, you must cut through the noise that keeps them distracted and less engaged. Today’s buyers receive endless emails, LinkedIn InMail, text messages, and cold calls — all without any context relative to what pains they are working to solve.

The best way to reach a prospect or customer is to deliver a personalized and engaging content experience that grabs their attention with relevant information. Spread your outreach across multiple channels with multiple content formats to meet buyers in the right moment with the right message. You can use video messaging to create a personalized, layered content experience for each unique buyer in a more consumable format.

What is Video Messaging?

Video messaging is an effective way to communicate a personalized and engaging message. Over the last few years, video messaging in B2B sales has become a must-have. As a result, many standalone video messaging products have popped up in the market to help sellers and marketers reach prospects and create a more human digital experience. Some include engagement analytics on content viewed and shared, for how long, and an aggregated engagement score to help you identify what messages work best.

Video messaging is a great way to add context to content, answer a question, walk through a proposal, or anything else you need to convey that would be better heard and seen than read. When you can quickly share your screen and talk through information, it’s easier to improve outreach and engagement because the experience is more personal to the buyer. 

When you share or present video messaging from a sales enablement platform, you unleash even more use cases for your revenue team to communicate, coach, and collaborate both internally and externally. Here are some video messaging use cases for marketers.

Video Messaging for Marketing teams

Marketing teams continue to take on more and more responsibility for the buyer journey. They need to support the end-to-end experience with content for self-service and sales meetings. In most cases, responsibilities include pipeline development, demand generation, management of sales development reps, analyst relations, sales enablement, and customer marketing — to name a few. Let’s explore ways that various marketing functions can utilize video messaging.

Video Messaging for Product Marketing

As a product marketer, I can personally vouch for the benefits of using a video messaging tool, especially one that lives natively within our Mediafly sales enablement platform (we call it Copilot). 



Video Messaging for Enablement teams

Enablement teams are responsible for onboarding, training, and ramping sellers and sales leaders. Pairing video messaging with training content accelerates sales ramp times.

Video Messaging for Demand Generation 

The original use case for video messaging was prospecting for new customers. Demand Gen teams use video messaging to grab distracted buyers’ attention with a personalized message.

Video Messaging for Customer Marketing

Sending video messages can be a more effective way to communicate new information, launches, updates, or answers to questions customers may have related to your offerings.

Video Messaging for Content Marketing

Many of the use cases I covered in the previous sections are also applicable to content marketing, however, there are a couple of additional examples worth mentioning.

Other use cases for Video Messaging 

I have quickly become an advocate for video messaging. I use it often to follow up with analysts, media, and any other time I feel a message is better conveyed over video. I would implore all of you to try video messaging and discover the endless benefits.


At Mediafly, we offer video messaging natively in our content management (Engagement360) solution. Some of the use cases I shared work great for standalone video messaging tools, however, most are unique to Mediafly which offers the most advanced sales enablement platform combining sales enablement, content management, customer engagement, revenue intelligence, and value selling tools.

Want to learn more about Mediafly Engagement360 or our Copilot video messaging tool? Contact us for a demo.

Nick Thompson is the VP of Product Marketing at Mediafly, where he is responsible for strategy and execution of all things related to bringing products to market and effectively telling the story of how Mediafly helps customers be successful. Working in the tech space the majority of his career, Nick is incredibly passionate about storytelling, buyer and sales enablement, and helping customers reach their potential. Nick attended Full Sail University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a focus on Media Entertainment.

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