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How customer psychology can help you boost B2B sales + tools to help

The key to successful selling is knowing your audience. If you take the time to know your audience, you can use what you know about them to craft strategies and get them to take your desired action.  That’s why customer psychology is so important. Customer psychology seeks to comprehend how customers think and feel when

How to prepare your sellers to hit sales targets in 2022

As a sales leader, helping your sellers hit sales targets in 2022 is top of mind right now. B2B buying and selling experienced a tsunami of change over the last two years creating upheaval for revenue teams (Marketing, Sales, Post-sales). While this environment puts pressure on every person with revenue responsibilities, it presents unique challenges

Traditional sales enablement is dead. Revenue enablement is the future.

Sales enablement exists because selling is hard. It always has been. But in the current selling environment, even with advanced sales enablement platforms, closing a deal can feel impossible. Can it be that traditional sales enablement solutions that focus primarily on learning and content management are missing something? The answer is yes, and the solution

Best 20 Sales Enablement Podcasts: EVOLVERs makes the Grade

Feedspot features EVOLVERs as Number 6 of 20 Top Sales Enablement Podcasts Feedspot crunches the numbers, and features the best Sales Enablement podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. We are excited to make the list, at Number 6. Checkout all the great podcasts

Digital Sales Automation Drives RevOps Sales Tech Spend Explosion

Vendor Neutrals Guide Helps You Get It Right, When It Can Go So Wrong There isn’t an organization around that isn’t digitally transforming to help overcome today’s challenges like remote workforces, travel restrictions, supply chain constraints, raw materials inflation, the great resignation and more. As a result, enterprise software spending is estimated to leap 10%

Top 5 B2B sales trends in 2022

Each December, we ask industry analyst Forrester Research to help us identify the top B2B sales trends for the year ahead. The information is always insightful and motivating. But in the most challenging selling environment ever, this year’s list carries even more weight.  5 B2B Sales Trends Sales Leaders Need to Embrace in 2022 I

Evolvers Spotlight: Ping Identity Business Value Assessment

Scaling the communication and quantification of security business value throughout the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle Ping Identity wanted to improve their ability to communicate and quantify the value of it’s identity and access management solutions – not just pre-sales, but in marketing outreach as well as most importantly, post-sale for renewals and expansions. Ping

Welcome 2022: The Year of Revenue Intelligence

When asked about our revenue enablement and operations predictions for 2022, the one priority that stands out the most to us, and what we believe 2022 will be all about is Revenue Intelligence. So, what is Revenue Intelligence and why is this so important that we are declaring 2022 to be the Year of Revenue

How to prepare revenue teams to adapt to modern B2B buying behaviors

There is no question B2B buying behavior has evolved at an accelerated pace over the last two years. The shift to B2C-like behaviors means your buyers are even more comfortable completing their process digitally. Digital and hybrid selling models are here to stay, but not without creating an entirely new dynamic between buyers and revenue

Forrester: 2022 B2B trends sales executives don’t want to miss

Key trends in sales, content and value enablement and revenue Intelligence As you put 2021 behind you and look forward to the New Year, it’s important to understand the latest insights and key trends to set the right strategy. To help, Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, had the opportunity to interview Rick Bradberry, a Forrester

A digital-first present prioritizes personalized B2B buyer experiences

Editors note: A Digital-First Present Prioritizes Personalized B2B Buyer Experiences is a guest article written by our friends at Qualified. Enjoy! We have officially arrived at the digital-first present and personalized B2B buyer experiences are a requirement. We’ve been making our way here—the pandemic happened to expedite our timeline. We can track changes in buyer

3 content management system issues you need to address to boost customer engagement

Does your marketing team use a content management system to store, manage, and distribute content? Does the solution you have in place work in today’s digital selling environment? The majority of the buyer journey now happens digitally. And B2B buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content before making a purchase. Today, it seems,

How to improve sales forecast accuracy & hit revenue targets

“Improve sales forecast accuracy” is a top goal for many organizations in 2022. And why wouldn’t it be? Your sales forecast influences everything in your business, from hiring to resource allocation to revenue projections and production capacity decisions.  But today’s sales forecasting methodologies are not only inconsistent and ineffective, they’re also time-consuming as 25% of

A tribute to Jonathan Farrington

We had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Jonathan Farrington (Sandler Research and founder of Top Sales World) last May. Sadly, we recently learned that he has passed on. We wanted to pay tribute to his wit, knowledge, and discoveries. Please take a moment to listen to this insightful, engaging, and educational episode, focused on,

EVOLVERs Spotlight - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Value Assessment

Quantifying the savings and business value from Citrix virtual applications and desktop services Citrix wanted to launch a key go-to-market campaign to help prospects transition to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Services. The key, helping potential buyers understand the savings and incremental business value opportunities that Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services could deliver. In

Five Revenue Enablement Predictions to make your 2022 a Success

The sales, content and value enablement initiatives you must consider over the next 12 months As we approach the New Year, we’ve been having more conversations with our EVOLVERs community about what 2022 has in store, in particular which top revenue enablement priorities and initiatives will garner the most attention and investments over the next

EVOLVERs Spotlight: Webex Hybrid Work Readiness Assessment

Webex wanted to help their customers and prospects better understand the challenges of optimizing remote work, returning to the office, creating a support culture and securing and managing a hybrid work environment to success. In order to do this, they wanted to provide a mechanism for prospects and customers to evaluate and benchmark your organization’s

Attract and retain top tech talent with professional development

If you’re struggling to attract and retain top tech talent, adding gimmicky perks to your benefits package is not the answer.  Benefits that Help Attract and Retain Top Tech Talent A competitive job market might tempt you to add trendy perks such as free snacks or game rooms to your office to attract a large