How to improve sales forecast accuracy, enhance buyer engagement & accelerate revenue in 2022

By Jodi Cachey | February 14, 2022

When we talk to sales leaders, we often hear the same litany of challenges:

“I need to improve sales forecast accuracy.”

“My sellers are struggling to engage buyers and close deals.”

“My team is not hitting revenue targets.

Today’s increasingly digital and self-service buyers compound these challenges. The buyer journey is no longer linear and in-person, limiting sales reps’ control, understanding, and influence throughout the customer lifecycle. 

But if you can create a direct route from where your buyer is today to a purchase decision, you can improve sales forecast accuracy, buyer engagement, and revenue growth. Here’s how.


Sell Like a Dragonfly

You might think you need sales sharks to hit growth targets, but in reality, you need to adopt the capabilities of a far more nimble predator. Sharks have a 50% success rate. Dragonflies have a 95% success rate. 

The dragonfly can see 360 degrees at the same time, move instantly in any direction, and understand and predict its target’s next move with perfect accuracy.

Imagine what your revenue teams could do with the same visibility, agility and predictability.

In order to identify where your buyers are today and guide them as quickly as possible toward your solution, you need the right data to understand them and the insights to know how to influence and engage them.

Use Buyer Signals to Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy & Hit Revenue Targets

Think of activity and engagement data as signals from your buyer. Everything your buyer does throughout their journey sends a message about their intent, motivation, interest, and urgency. The more signals you capture, the better you can understand your buyer and successfully lead them to a purchase decision. 

But if your data capture happens in siloes, for example, you only evaluate what happened in sales meetings or via email, you hinder your ability to fully understand your buyers and the health of your opportunities. This makes it incredibly difficult to accurately forecast sales pipeline. 

For the full picture, you need to capture the following sales and engagement data, ideally in one place:

Scale Data Capture for Invaluable Insights

Relying on sales reps to self-report their activities and maintain CRM records has not worked in decades. That’s why you see so many stats that show very few sales leaders trust the data in their CRM. Revenue360, Mediafly’s new revenue intelligence and enablement solution, automatically captures all sales activity and engagement data throughout your buyer’s journey and provides a single, trusted source of truth. In addition to saving sales reps time, it also offers the revenue team unparalleled pipeline visibility, machine learning-powered predictive deal scores, and prescriptive next steps to help you close more deals faster.


The platform analyzes all sales activity, including meetings, emails, content consumption, and conversations, to deliver real-time insights and recommendations to the team. That includes what needs to happen to move a buyer toward close, and in a broader sense, what the optimum sales process looks like and how to best coach and onboard sales reps to adopt and leverage best practices.

Powerful Capabilities to Improve Forecast Accuracy & Drive More Sales

Revenue360 combines the power of sales enablement and revenue intelligence to deliver revenue teams:

Revenue Teams Need Revenue Intelligence and Enablement


Revenue360 creates a single source of truth for all activity and engagement data. The platform provides sales reps a holistic view of each individual buyer with recommendations for how to best engage, what content to share, and where they’ll have the greatest impact. 

For sales leaders, Revenue360 eliminates guesswork. Robust dashboards and forecasting tools allow sales leaders to ground all pipeline conversations in data so they can improve sales forecast accuracy and help reps zero in on deals most likely to close and coach them over the finish line.

Revenue360 will be available next month. To learn more about the new solution, view our recorded webinar.

Jodi Cachey is the Vice President of Content Strategy & Growth Marketing at Mediafly, where she is responsible for the strategy and execution of all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, demand, and growth. With over a decade of experience in the tech space, her previous roles include sales, business development, sales enablement, and product marketing. Jodi attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies.

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