The QR code is back: Maximize its impact at your next event

By Nathan Jackson | June 13, 2022

This year’s Coinbase Super Bowl ad was so popular that it crashed the Coinbase app. It also demonstrated how convenient QR codes make it to access and consume targeted content.

With conferences and events resuming, we’ve been incorporating QR codes into our booth designs, creating unique opportunities for visitors to engage with the information that interests them most. This approach also works well if the event is hybrid (in-person & remote), as you can promote the QR code to both audiences. 

If you’ve got a speaking slot at the event, consider including the QR code in your presentation, so the audience can reach the content when they want. We’ve also added QR codes to our sales reps’ business cards, which means we can quickly identify engaged or interested prospects and, therefore, the ROI of the event.

Optimize the content behind your QR Code

The goal of a QR code isn’t just to get people to scan it. It’s to get them to scan it and engage with whatever content you’ve put behind it so they can educate themselves and you can learn more about their interests. We’ve been helping our customers create compelling assets such as explainer videos and self-navigated presentations, sometimes putting the content into dedicated event microsites (we call them Workspaces) with other engaging content. 

We most recently used this approach ourselves at Forrester B2B Summit. Post-event, we were able to use the Workspace insights to determine what content was viewed by who, for how long. Our team received real-time notifications when visitors were actively engaged so they could follow up in a timely manner to answer questions or provide additional information.




Interactive Content > Traditional, Static Content

Do interactive content formats garner more buyer engagement? The answer, according to recent research, is yes. To confirm the effectiveness of interactive content, we analyzed data from more than 160,000 content shares across 99 customer environments over the last two years. The data shows:

Looking to get started creating engaging, interactive content? Check out our latest guide How to Create an Effective Virtual Sales Presentation.

Nathan Jackson is Executive Vice President of Presentify. Nathan was the founder and Managing Director of UK-based visual communication specialists Presentify Ltd and joined the team through Mediafly’s 2020 acquisition of the business. He’s worked with companies around the world to apply story or narrative context to clearly articulate content in a visually supportive manner.

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