Thank you, EVOLVERS community: Host Tom Pisello, the ROI guy, retires

By Tom Pisello | March 7, 2022

Throughout my long 30 year entrepreneurial career I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to create two companies from scratch, help start another half a dozen, write three business books, and help create the Value Enablement / Management market.

High on my list of accomplishments is the work we have done with you all in the EVOLVERs community and the Evolved Selling Institute. With your help we were able to launch a new book, Evolved Selling, interview over 165 authors, analysts, leaders and practitioners for a new EVOLVERs podcast series, write over three hundred articles, run a dozen community events, create unique tools and resources and so much more. All with the mission of helping every member of the community learn from each other and advance our practices to the next level.

As I transition from Mediafly to Retirement I want to let you all know the absolute honor it was to interview and engage with the community, to help spark new ideas, and foster the collaboration within the community. I got as much out of it, as I hope you all did and will continue to.

I look forward to connecting with each of you on LinkedIn and tracking the advancement of your sales, content and value enablement practices. And as we close out this chapter it is only appropriate to say: “Until next time, Evolvers keep evolving.”


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