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Increase customer retention with realized ROI calculators

Are you are looking for new ways to increase customer retention? You are not alone. In today’s challenging selling environment and economy, 62% of solution providers indicate their top priority is “driving growth through existing customers” (Forrester). It is easy to see why: 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Companies have a

The top 3 ways to cut sales risk in a recession

Between record-high inflation, a reeling stock market, and rampant recession predictions, many revenue leaders wonder how they’ll combat sales risk and continue to meet revenue and growth targets. And rightfully so. Even if we get the “soft landing” Goldman Sachs is hoping for, CEO confidence is down as 60% of Executives expect economic conditions to

The top 6 sales tools for B2B personalization at scale

Personalization is nothing new. We have enjoyed personalized buying experiences in our personal lives for years. So much so that B2B companies must adapt purchase journeys to mimic those of B2C buying to meet buyer expectations.  But delivering custom content experiences for every account can feel daunting and often impossible without proper and scalable technologies.

Revenue intelligence: The future of data

Gartner, Inc. predicts by 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model. So it’s no surprise that revenue intelligence solutions have rapidly become a must-have for forward-thinking businesses. If you are considering adding revenue intelligence to your sales tech stack, there are some key things to

Mediafly congratulates Mediafly partner Litmos on exciting future

Huge congratulations to two of our largest partners, SAP and Litmos, on Litmos’ transition to a stand-alone company (following today’s announcement that a definitive agreement of acquisition has been signed by Francisco Partners). An SAP Endorsed App, Mediafly has developed a longstanding, meaningful relationship with the Litmos organization. Together we are providing B2B revenue teams

Forrester report: Deliver more value from your digital sales tech

Improving B2B sales productivity has long been the goal of sales technology buyers. But the sales rep, the person who leverages the technology most, is often left out of the selection process. That leads to frustration, low adoption, and unrealized return on investment in sales technology.  A new report from Forrester titled Introducing The Forrester

Value selling tools: The most important investment you can make in today’s economy

As our society battles inflation, economic uncertainty, and the seemingly inevitable downturn, buyers face stricter requirements for budget approval. While selling solution features may occasionally lead to a win, sellers that better articulate expected business value consistently improve their win rates (See how Databricks wins 6x more Value Selling). To be successful in today’s economy,

How to make your marketing & sales content work harder for you

Research shows that companies spend an average of 26% of their total marketing budget on content marketing. That number rises to 40% for the most successful companies. That’s a huge investment! So how do you ensure you get the most ROI from your marketing & sales content? Read on to find out. What’s your favorite

4 cold calling tips that will help introverts succeed in sales

Selling isn’t easy when you’re an introvert. It involves interacting with people, distinguishing yourself in a crowd, and putting yourself at risk of failure – none of which comes easy to someone with an introverted nature. Despite these challenges, being introverted comes with secret weapons that can benefit sales. For example, you may be better

Growing in a recession: 6 steps to sales coaching success

On Tuesday, June 14th, CNBC reported we officially entered a bear market with equity markets down 20% or more from their most recent all-time high. The market setback has top CEOs preparing for a recession, with 60% of business leaders expecting the economy to worsen over the next 6 months.  Now more than ever, businesses

17 ways marketers can use video messaging to engage digital buyers

B2B organizations struggle to connect with buyers in digital and hybrid environments. To reach today’s buyers, you must cut through the noise that keeps them distracted and less engaged. Today’s buyers receive endless emails, LinkedIn InMail, text messages, and cold calls — all without any context relative to what pains they are working to solve.

The QR code is back: Maximize its impact at your next event

This year’s Coinbase Super Bowl ad was so popular that it crashed the Coinbase app. It also demonstrated how convenient QR codes make it to access and consume targeted content. With conferences and events resuming, we’ve been incorporating QR codes into our booth designs, creating unique opportunities for visitors to engage with the information that

Why 60% of buyers don’t rely on B2B sales reps

In 2017, Forrester predicted the death of the B2B salesman, boldly asserting that one million B2B sales reps would be displaced by 2020. They argued modern B2B buyers prefer self-service and digital research, therefore, eliminating the need for sales reps, especially those who fail to add value to the buying experience. While this prediction never

The cost of poor sales coaching

The job of a sales coach is to monitor individual members of a sales team, analyze performance data, and continuously coach them to improve. The idea is to reinforce positive behaviors, identify areas where sellers are deficient or struggling, then pinpoint and implement strategies to improve performance.  Old School Sales Training Doesn’t Cut It A

Conversation intelligence: 10 unexpected use cases

What is Conversation Intelligence? Conversation intelligence (CI) software records, transcribes and analyzes sales calls to deliver actionable insights on your market, messaging, and coaching.  Listening to conversations between buyers and sellers offers plenty of use cases and insights. Conversation Intelligence is a powerful tool for sales coaching, training and ramping, understanding the market, and learning

What the NFL draft can teach us about forecasting sales pipeline

Last week, football fans excitedly tuned in to the 2022 NFL draft, or what The New York Times cynically dubbed “an annual demonstration of human overconfidence.” The New York Times article titled The Power of Humility makes a good point. While the Jaguars selected Travon Walker as the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL

How to get greater ROI from sales coaching

A note from Mediafly: We will dive into how to optimize your sales coaching in a minute, but first (in case you missed it), we are excited to announce we have acquired ExecVision, a robust conversation intelligence solution that we will integrate into our Revenue360 platform. In addition to the powerful technology, the ExecVision team

Highlights from The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations And Intelligence, Q1 2022

Great news! Forrester has released the first Forrester Wave™: Revenue Operations and Intelligence, and we’re thrilled to see InsightSquared included. Get your copy of the full report here. Just a few months ago, Mediafly acquired InsightSquared. Our customers see the value in revenue intelligence, know the power of data-driven enablement, and want visibility into their

Sales training vs. sales readiness: Making the case for just-in-time learning

Why do some sellers have more success than others? Is it luck? Drive? Territory? A seller’s success comes down to their ability to adapt in the moment to provide value to the buyer. To do this, sellers must have the proper knowledge, skills, and awareness to conduct the right conversations at the right time. So

4 barriers to a frictionless customer journey (and how to solve them)

Today’s customer journey is a mess. As buyers increasingly adopt digital, self-service channels, 43% say they’d prefer not to talk to a sales rep at all. While we can attribute some of this to evolving buyer preferences and behaviors, the reality is that most sellers don’t understand their buyers, creating an uninspired, uninformed customer experience.

Introducing Revenue360: A better B2B selling and buying experience

Forget everything you know about the B2B selling and buying experience. Today, everything changes.  It’s a big day for the Mediafly community and revenue teams everywhere. For over a decade, we’ve operated under the mindset that customers expect and deserve more. And that sellers who deliver a standout experience while respecting buyer preferences will be

How to close your sales presentation with a killer call-to-action

Let’s talk about the infamous call-to-action. Because it’s frustrating when something good ends badly. Titanic, anyone? There was definitely room for two on that board, James Cameron! In all seriousness, though, seeing a sales presentation end badly when it’s otherwise been stimulating and engaging is like watching a brilliant film go sour at the end.

Thank you, EVOLVERS community: Host Tom Pisello, the ROI guy, retires

Throughout my long 30 year entrepreneurial career I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to create two companies from scratch, help start another half a dozen, write three business books, and help create the Value Enablement / Management market. High on my list of accomplishments is the work we have done with

The state of interactive content in 2022

New data from Mediafly confirms B2B buyers’ preference for interactive content and presentations in an increasingly digital selling environment. On average, B2B marketers designate 20-30% of their marketing budgets to content marketing. Why so much? Because content is one of the most powerful tools in a revenue team’s toolkit.  A successful content strategy will produce