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Minding the Buyer-Seller Engagement Gap/w Gert Scholts (The Best Sales Coach)

The buyer’s decision making process has become much more complex, and too many decisions are ending up at “No Decision”. This is a challenge, but also represents an incredible opportunity for the seller who knows how to help the buyer navigate a more complex process. In this interview with Gert Scholts,”The Best Sales Coach,podcaster and

Why Your Organization Needs Value Enablement (SalesTech Star Article)

If you’ve seen a rise in “No Decisions” across your pipeline, felt the delays of “buying by committee”, or trudged head-on into the CF”No”, you need Value Enablement. Checkout this new article by Tom Pisello for SalesTech Star with research to confirm that what you are seeing is for real, and exactly how a credible

Enablement Podcasts that Matter

Podcasts to fuel your Sales, Content and Value Enablement Growth I love to maintain a growth mindset, and do this via long walks with my dog Ruby while I listen to my favorite podcasts. To help you fuel your growth mindset practice, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sales, content and value enablement podcasts.

Buyer First Sounds Good, But Is it Really Happening?

LinkedIn has been successfully promoting the concept of Buyer First, a selling method which considers the buyer’s individual condition, especially the economic, emotional, and other challenges faced through this crisis, and helps the buyer solve key issues and challenges through the engagement process. With Buyer First, sales reps are better listeners, sharers of relevant information,

Enabling Revenue Operations in a Hybrid / Remote Selling Environment

On-Demand: Optimizing your Digital Selling Performance, Processes and Tech Stack for RevOps Success Revenue operations, or RevOps, is a relatively new organizational role. Getting it right can have a hugely positive impact on your bottom line, but with the sudden introduction of hybrid working and remote teams, there are significant challenges RevOps must overcome. Listen

What’s Next for B2B Digital Selling?

Last week, Tom Pisello, Founder at the Evolved Selling Institute & Chief Evangelist at Mediafly, interviewed Steve Silver, VP, Research Director at Forrester, during a Mediafly sponsored EVOLVERS Meet-Up. In the session, Steve and Tom discussed: How to ensure your sellers can meet sales targets while fulfilling the expectations of increasingly digital buyers The role

How To Create & Execute An Interactive Content Strategy That Sells

The coronavirus pandemic may have plunged us into a recession that lasted only two months, but it has forever changed the way we do business. As buyers have become increasingly digital, their expectations of sellers have evolved. If you want to win their business moving forward, your sellers have to evolve along with them. That

EVOLVERs Spotlight: Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HPE Servers

IT organizations are pursuing accelerated digital transformations, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by modernizing, freeing up “keeping the lights on” costs and overhead in order to gather the funding and resources to innovate. Red Hat wanted to help IT decision makers understand the potential for achieving these IT cost savings

It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer for your Sales, Content and Value Enablement Plans

Leveraging better B2B sales engagement process, facilitation content and financial justification to stand out and sell more When it comes to selling B2B solutions, you aren’t imagining if you think the game has gotten a lot harder. And the reason? It’s not because your primary way to engage buyers is now remote and virtual! Recent

5 Considerations for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Years ago, I was in conversation with someone from a well-known sales and marketing software provider. We were talking about sales enablement – naturally – and he pointed out that, sometimes, sales and marketing teams can be highly tactical and not very strategic. This, he said, was a key contributor to many lost opportunities and

On-Demand: Value-based Selling Experts Weigh In

Five value-based selling experts detail how they’re overcoming today’s unique sales challenges, scaling and accelerating their value programs, and shaping value enablement at their organizations in the most challenging selling environment we’ve ever seen in our latest roundtable discussion. Today, B2B purchase decisions are plagued by cross-functional buying committees, CF”No” scrutiny, and zero-based budgeting. That

Mediafly Product Feature Roundup Q2 2021

With great power, comes great product capabilities! At Mediafly, we take pride in the value that we bring to our customers and the benefits our solutions can provide them. After all, without our differentiating products, we’d be just another sales enablement provider in a rapidly growing space. Now halfway through 2021, we’re excited to share

The Time For Value Enablement Is Now

Engaging B2B buyers is harder than ever. Companies are trying to create engaging and intuitive buyer experiences but selling headwinds frequently interfere with efforts to drive consistent revenue growth. It’s clear progressive change is needed to capture the attention of B2B buyers today — to inspire and motivate them, get them to commit and close

A new way to CMO: No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls w/Latane Conant (6Sense)

A CMO who continues to rely on spam, forms and cold calls is so yesterday. Buyers demand more, and there is a better way to connect, engage and sell by doing less. This according to my interview with Latane Conant, the CMO for leading account-based marketing firm 6sense and a new author with an important book that

A Chief Customer Officer Accelerating into 2021 and Beyond w/ Yamini Rangan (Hubspot)

Why is the Chief Customer Officer so important now to growth success, and what should your strategy focus on for 2021 sales, marketing, customer success and service success? In this interview with Yamini Rangan, the CCO of Hubspot, we discussed the accelerated shift to digital, remote and economic focused buyers and the leadership and strategy

Mediafly ‘Leads the Way’ for Sales Enablement in G2 Grid® Summer Report

Two things are guaranteed this time of year: the summer solstice and the Summer G2 Grid® Reports. Much like the solstice recognizing the sun at its highest point in the sky, G2’s latest reports recognize standout sales enablement solution providers reaching new heights. This year, Mediafly appears in ten summer reports across three categories including

Overcome These 3 Challenges to Gain Top Seller Status (Guest article for Crunchbase)

Top-performing B2B sales reps have evolved their success methods to meet changing customer demands and remain at the top of their game. Looking at these sales champs, we notice three key challenges they were able to overcome, and characteristics that lead to their continued over-achievement. The best, these are all traits which can be replicated

How to Select a Value Selling Solution

Value Selling is a sales methodology that prioritizes quantifying and communicating the value of products and services to buyers over product features and capabilities.  Sellers who adopt a value selling approach avoid pitching products. They instead focus their sales efforts on uncovering and dissecting buyer challenges and communicating how their products or services can help

No Decisions? The Pipeline Challenge You Must Address Now

A staggering 40% of sales engagements and opportunities are not ending up in a win or lost to the competitions, but end up in a ‘no decision” or staying with incumbent vendor or legacy solution position. That means that well north of 60% of sales activity and hard earned opportunities are wasted. I was excited

A Template for 2021: The World Class Virtual Selling Organization: With Alice Heiman

Virtual selling is here to stay, it is certainly not new, and there is no excuse for poor virtual engagements any longer. This according to my interview with Alice Heiman, one of the most experienced sales consultants and readiness professionals. In fact, according to Alice, the winners in 2021 and beyond will be those organizations that not only embrace virtual,

Dynamic Selling: 7 Tips for Success

Dynamic selling is about aligning your selling plan to the customer’s buying process. Every customer (or group of customers when you’re selling into a business) has a different decision-making and purchasing process, which is why the selling process should be flexible enough to meet their needs. It requires developing relationships and making the effort to

How Do I Implement a Value Enablement Program?

You want to implement a value enablement program. But not just any program – one that will scale and help drive additional business and growth with new prospects, and especially existing customers. So, how do you enable value selling the “right way”? That is a question we posed to the EVOLVERs community, and we compiled responses

15 Strategies For Monitoring And Addressing Customer 'Health'

Having loyal brand advocates can be a huge boost for any business. One crucial aspect of brand loyalty and advocacy is maintaining good, healthy customer relationships. By routinely checking in on your audience’s engagement and satisfaction, you will increase the chances that they will become advocates for your brand. The members of Forbes Business Development