PepsiCo increases sales efficiency for 13,000 reps with Mediafly

PepsiCo | New York, NY | 10,000+ employees

The Challenge

In an effort to lead with insight in every customer conversation, PepsiCo sought to transition away from transactional selling and adopt a Challenger sales model. In the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, it is common for marketers to make frequent changes to content and sales collateral based on promotions and pricing updates. With a widely dispersed sales force, it becomes difficult to efficiently push those changes out, resulting in sales reps using outdated or inaccurate information during sales interactions. PepsiCo needed to find a solution that would provide marketing the ability to easily aggregate, update, and distribute the latest materials to sales, enable sales to quickly access the content in real-time whether online or offline, and ideally provide data around content usage and adoption for further optimization.

The Solution

PepsiCo implemented Mediafly to efficiently manage marketing-approved content and allow the field sales teams to create a more personalized buying experience. To match PepsiCo’s unique specifications, Mediafly created a customized application that aligns closely with the Challenger sales methodology. Tailored for PepsiCo, the app enables sellers to quickly and easily access the most recent and relevant content and empowers sales reps to pivot conversations to address the buyers’ needs with little effort in real-time.


“Pepsi always brings customized ideas to retailers for mutual growth, and has the resources and dedication to then test and adjust the plans.”

One major retailer

The Result

Using Mediafly’s reporting capabilities, PepsiCo discovered 99% of marketing-produced content was still not being utilized in the field six months post-launch. The data compiled enabled marketing to build a strategic content roadmap that would support higher usage and adoption rates. Once deployed, PepsiCo began seeing vast improvements in efficiency, communication and usage of sales and marketing materials.

The company’s investments in innovation and technology earned them the top spot on Kantar’s retailer survey, jumping from the #7 ranked supplier to #1. Although they started with 500 users on Mediafly, they’ve since added an additional 12,500 users as a result of their success. They have also seen increased sales efficiency, with meeting times down from an average of 60 minutes to just 30 minutes.