2023 Research

State of Revenue Enablement

Uncover the top challenges and opportunities facing revenue and enablement teams in our just released 2023 State of Revenue Enablement. Learn what top performing teams are doing differently to guide your 2024 strategy and beyond.

Major report findings

Content management challenges

Sellers are spending too much time manually personalizing content, and orgs are unable to stop sellers from sending inaccurate or obsolete collateral.

Empowering revenue teams

Unified account and deal reporting

Experimenting with generative AI

Today more than half the workforce are digital natives. Remote and hybrid work – despite sweeping mandates from Big Tech and FinServ CEOs – appears to be here to stay, and Generative AI is poised to be the most significant technological advancement in our lifetimes. These macro trends, as well as those not yet contemplated, will fundamentally alter how B2B buyers and sellers show up. Our State of Revenue Enablement 2023 study was designed to uncover emergent trends and provide actionable advice for enablement practitioners as they set up and support their go-to-market organizations for near and long-term success.

Mary Shea
co-CEO, Mediafly

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