The Sales Enablement Playbook

This sales enablement playbook includes a three-phased approach to selecting, implementing and scaling a sales enablement & remote selling platform that will boost sales efficiency & revenue.

In this guide, you will find out:

  • Why you should make sales enablement technology a top priority, regardless of your business size or digital maturity
  • How to design a sales enablement strategy to get started today, measure success and scale your solution
  • Where to turn when sales enablement technology feels out of reach
  • How to measure success and build a business case for the prioritization of advanced sales enablement capabilities

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The worry the marketing team experienced over the quality of their content very quickly moved into motivation to create better content. That’s a big win for us and something our customers have noticed. We hear regularly that we’re best-in-class for our approach to inspiring customers to act.


Eric Spenske, Head of Marketing at Givaudan Flavours North America