CRM in a Hybrid Selling Environment: How to Increase Adoption to Maximize Your Sales Effectiveness

This report highlights activities that enable sales teams to maximize CRM adoption while achieving sales effectiveness.

Savvy users of CRM with high levels of sales productivity enjoy:

  • 20.7x greater annual increase in customer lifetime value
  • 8.1% annual increase in employee engagement rates
  • 3.9% annual increase in company revenue

A company with an annual revenue of $500 million could risk losing $61 million by failing to leverage the full extent of their CRM capabilities.

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As sales organizations look to make the most of their CRM platforms, they should plan to build a unified view of buyer journeys, enable sellers with easy and timely access to those insights, and make these insights actionable with the help of AI and related capabilities.


Source: CRM in a Hybrid Selling Environment Report