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Next-gen Sales Enablement Technology for Any Industry


From CPG to technology, Mediafly’s sales enablement solutions help marketers and sellers across every industry optimize sales processes and deliver more impactful and engaging sales presentations.


Case Studies

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CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)

Spend less time tracking the latest promotional content and more time discussing your prospects’ business challenges.

Financial Services

Streamline content management to ensure compliance and mitigate risk in a highly regulated industry.

Health Sciences

Ensure sales reps have compliant, on-brand and up-to-date sales and marketing collateral at their fingertips.


Shift the sales conversation from your products to your buyers’ needs to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Media & Entertainment

Pre-released content, screeners, upfronts, award voting: securely share the right content with the right people with utter confidence.


Use interactive ROI and TCO tools to quantify and communicate business value to prospective buyers.

Since we started using Mediafly, our customers have rated their experience higher, citing things like the ability of reps to give them the best information in the moment. Mediafly gives us the ability to design a modern sales experience customers value.


Industry-specific case studies

Find the Mediafly case study that most closely matches your business for ideas and inspiration.

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