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Transform Your Technology Sales

Technology companies can stop selling features, and instead pitch business value to prospective buyers.

Challenges in Technology Sales

Technology sales reps often default to talking about product specifics. Yet buyers increasingly expect to be shown documented ROI, and a realistic path to achieve it.

Challenges faced:

  • Feature-centric – Product teams introduce features and functions regularly and sales reps make these product capabilities the focus, neglecting to address customer’s business challenges.
  • Content Overload – Marketing constantly creates new content reflecting the ongoing product introductions, making it difficult for sales reps to keep up.
  • No Content Transparency – Marketing has no visibility into how the sales collateral it creates is used by reps and whether it works.
  • Operational Overhead – Sales reps spend an inordinate amount of time navigating internal systems and processes, instead of selling.

Our Solution

Mediafly enhances the sales interaction, enabling technology sellers to talk to the buyer’s real pain points with more impact.

With Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution you can:


Lead Engaging Conversations

Turn static detailed sales presentations into interactive ones, enabling sellers to document tangible value and ROI


Present the Right Content

Make it easy for sellers to find and present the most up-to-date content along with eliminating what’s outdated


Reduce Seller Admin Time

Save seller’s time by automatically logging interactions to CRM



Track content usage to determine what content closes deals

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