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Elevate the Relevance of Your CPG Sellers to Buyers

Trusted by household CPG firms like MillerCoors and PepsiCo, Mediafly completely transforms how sellers interact with CPG buyers increasing the value they deliver in every interaction.

Challenges for CPG Sellers

The very competitive state of the CPG market means that to grow you must aggressively displace competitors. In the short time sellers have with buyers, how do they convince them to buy an innovative product, or offer limited shelf space?

Challenges faced:

  • Transactional Interactions – CPG sellers often focus on the product specifics and are not facilitating a value-based business conversation.
  • Low Awareness – Buyers are overwhelmed with competitive product options and not aware of seller’s full portfolio of relevant innovative offerings.
  • Continual Content Refreshes– Sellers cannot keep up with marketing updates on trade promotions and content, with refreshes occurring every few weeks.

Reversing Declining Sales for MillerCoors

Facing increased competition and declining market share, MillerCoors found the perfect partner in Mediafly to create a sophisticated, user-friendly solution that displaced competitors.

Our Solution

Mediafly changes the nature of the CPG sales relationship from transactional-based selling to Evolved Selling™.

With Evolved Selling™ you can:


Transform Conversations

Turn static transactional conversations into interactive ones, increasing product awareness and enabling cross-sell opportunities


Offer Up-to-date Content

Ensure sellers have easy access to the latest content and trade promotions


Support Distributors

Make it easy for distributors to use your latest sales materials and advocate for your products and brand


Gain Insight

Understand what content is compelling, and replicate success across direct sellers and distributors

Creating Results that Pop with PepsiCo

Struggling to find a platform that provided real-time live information for sales presentations, PepsiCo initiated a program with Mediafly that quenched the company’s thirst to find a sales enablement tool that offered interactive sales content.

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