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The complete sales enablement solution for CPG companies

Trusted by household CPG firms like MillerCoors and PepsiCo, Mediafly completely transforms the CPG selling experience for more engaged buyers and increased win rates.


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Displace your CPG competitors

You only have a short time to convince buyers to choose your product and position it prominently on the shelf.

How so?

  • Stop Pitching Products and Start Selling Value: Quantify how your products will benefit your prospect’s business using ROI and TCO tools.
  • Avoid Leaving Money on the Table: Give sales reps the content they need to sell every product in your portfolio anytime, anywhere.
  • Eliminate Misinformation: Ensure your sales reps are only accessing the latest sales content, marketing collateral, and trade promotions.

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Since we started using Mediafly, our customers have rated their experience higher, citing things like the ability of reps to give them the best information in the moment. Mediafly gives us the ability to design a modern sales experience customers value.


The selling solution for CPG

Change the nature of the CPG sales relationship from transactional-based selling to Evolved Selling™


Start engaging conversations

Turn static conversations interactive ones, increasing product awareness and cross-sell opportunities.


Offer up-to-date content

Ensure sellers have easy access to the latest content and trade promotions.


Support distributors

Make it easy for distributors to use your latest sales materials and advocate for your products and brand.


Gain insight

Track how sellers are leveraging and buyers are interacting with specific content using built-in reports and analytics.


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Chat through your unique business requirements with one of our specialists and discover how Mediafly can help you shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, and drive revenue.

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