NxStage Boosts Sales Performance with Mediafly

NxStage Medical, Inc. | Lawrence, MA | 3,000+ employees

The Challenge

NxStage Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXTM) is a leading medical technology company focused on advancing renal care. Comprised of three sales groups – one for end customers, one for providers, and one for distributors – the company’s non-traditional sales force lacked experience, struggled to communicate the value of NxStage products, and failed to fully leverage the digital assets available to them. Having entered a period of relatively flat sales growth, NxStage management sought to identify and resolve sales inconsistencies by gaining a better understanding of how sales reps were actively engaging with prospects and what assets they were leveraging. Because healthcare is a highly regulated industry, the company would need to limit alterations to official NxStage assets to maintain compliance with federal regulations.

The Solution

NxStage deployed Mediafly’s sales enablement platform to completely transform their static sales pitch into an interactive buying experience. The Mediafly solution empowers sales reps to leverage impactful content like customer story videos that they couldn’t seamlessly pull into presentations previously. The ability to easily share different types of relevant assets in real-time helps to shape more meaningful and fluid conversations with customers. Mediafly’s reporting capabilities offer the ability to track content usage and adoption, and an integration with the company’s CRM offers insight into overall sales performance.

QuoteMarks “By transforming our sales process with the help of Mediafly, we saw a 10% increase in sales per year for the past five years.”

SVP of Sales and Marketing

The Result

The ability to easily customize interactive sales conversations for patients or physicians in real-time has resulted in a more engaging buying experience and over a 10% increase in sales per year for the past five years. A tight integration between Mediafly and CRM allows NxStage to gauge content’s contribution to revenue, which has helped the company to better focus its efforts on producing content that drives results and ensure it complies with federal regulations.