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Mediafly enables health science sellers to easily share and present personalized and compliant sales and marketing content that drives revenue.

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Tackle frustrating sales challenges

Your sales reps need to be able to confidently discuss relevant products and sales content while meeting regulatory requirements. Mediafly allows you to:

  • Comply With Changing Regulations: Ensure sellers only share or present content that meets stringent compliance requirements
  • Understand Content Usage: See what content is shared with buyers and whether or not it resonates so you can optimize accordingly.
  • Create Engaging Sales Experiences: Ditch paper-based materials and static PowerPoint presentations and start leading personalized, interactive sales conversations.

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Since we started using Mediafly, our customers have rated their experience higher, citing things like the ability of reps to give them the best information in the moment. Mediafly gives us the ability to design a modern sales experience customers value.


The selling solution for health sciences

Offer sales reps a digital catalog of engaging and compliant health science content and gain insight into what works best.


Reduce Sales Reps’ Admin Time

Automatically log sales meeting details in CRM to cut admin time and track content usage.


Gain Insight & Optimize

Leverage built-in reports and analytics to determine what products sellers are pitching and whether or not they drive revenue.


Pivot Conversations

Quickly pivot sales conversations to address what’s important to your buyer.


Enforce Compliance

Ensure sellers are only sharing on-brand, compliant, and relevant sales and marketing content with buyers.


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