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Share Up-to-date, Compliant Content with Prospects

Mediafly elevates the conversation with health science buyers by presenting personalized, compliance approved content and automatically tracking interactions.

Challenges for Health Sciences Sellers

With the short time sellers have with buyers, they need to quickly discuss relevant products and content while meeting regulatory requirements.

Challenges faced:

  • Regulations – Ever evolving regulations make it mandatory that sellers only show content that meets stringent compliance requirements.
  • Lack of Insight – Marketing and sales don’t know what content is shown, nor what products are discussed.
  • Anachronistic Selling – Sellers are delivering static, cumbersome paper-based content when buyers want a more progressive digital experience.

Our Solution

Mediafly enables sales reps in the health science industries to select from a catalog of both engaging and compliance-approved content, and gives insight on what content is used.

With Evolved Selling™ you can:


Enforce Compliance

Select materials from a listing of approved content, and only show relevant content to the buyer


Pivot Conversations

Quickly change direction in a meeting based on the buyer or influencer’s real-time feedback


Reduce Seller Admin Time

Save seller’s time by automatically logging interactions to CRM, and track what content was shown


Gain Insight

Analytics highlight whether sales reps are pitching new products or older products, and which drive revenue

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