6sense Empowers Sellers with Microlearning Solution from Mediafly

Traditional sales training is a dinosaur. And it’s just going to become more outdated and ineffective over time. What we’re doing at 6sense - these three-minute, five-minute, ten-minute training videos that prepare our reps in the moment - that’s the future of learning.

Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense

Technology | California | 100+ employees

Learn how 6sense combined the power of learning management and sales enablement to replace ineffective, classroom-style education and build seller confidence and credibility.

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Latane Conant - CMO at 6sense

The Challenge

ABM platform provider 6sense built its business on strong talent and innovation, but what it was doing wasn’t scalable.

  • 6sense needed something more strategic than one-off PowerPoints, an ad-hoc mentorship program, and an occasional webinar to help its sellers transition from pitching products to value selling.
  • To meet aggressive growth targets, 6sense needed to train reps to know the solution inside and out, uncover buyer challenges and speak to how the solution would solve those challenges.

The Solution

6sense opted to use Mediafly’s Microlearning Solution


Integrated learning & sales enablement technology


Effective & flexible readiness modules


Engaging, modern learning tools & content

I’m so thrilled about the work that we’re doing with Mediafly. With the Mediafly platform, we can make sure that our message is consistent from the first piece of content that a prospect consumes, to their first call with a BDR to sales meetings, to their experience with our customer success team and beyond.

Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense

The Results

6sense saw impressive results using Mediafly’s Readiness Solution including:


More consultative sales interactions


Increased seller credibility and confidence


More consistent and engaging buyer experiences

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