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Databricks wins 6x more often with Mediafly Value360

Learn how Databricks collaborated with Mediafly to create a value consulting practice using experts and self-service tools.

Information Technology | San Francisco, CA | $800M+ revenue


increased win rate


With a consumption-based pricing model, Databricks needed to prove business value to prospective and established customers.


Databricks deployed Value360 to quantify value to customers pre and post-sale with compelling stories and numbers that speak for themselves.


When Databricks reps use the Value360 business value assessment, the win rate jumps from 8% to 55% - a 587.5% increase.

Databricks wins with


Empower revenue teams to quantify business value across the customer journey with:

  • Powerful visuals, personalized insights, and actionable data
  • Marketing tools that drive demand for your products or services
  • ROI and TCO calculators sales reps can leverage in real-time with buyers
  • Post-sale tools for easy renewals, upsells, and cross-sells

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Doug May, VP, Global Value Acceleration

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