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Revenue teams need to quantify & communicate value across the customer journey

Unlike SaaS or subscription models, Databricks’ pricing is consumption-based. The more customers use it, the more they spend. That makes the ability to articulate value critical to ensuring new use cases get funding to purchase and deploy the platform. 

To enable its go-to-market (GTM) teams to effectively quantify and communicate value at every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey, Databricks sought to create and scale a value consulting practice supporting all GTM activities with new and established customers.

To ensure success and scale, Doug May, VP, Global Value Acceleration at Databricks, and his team needed an easy-to-use platform to enable Sales and Customer Success to quickly and easily quantify projected and realized value.

Doug May

VP, Global Value Acceleration

Having value-led conversations with highly technical users and buyers is very hard. By partnering with Mediafly, we make those conversations easier for our GTM teams and the resulting business cases simple to build.

Value selling tools help Databricks drive more value into customer relationships

Databricks deployed Mediafly Value360 to prove the potential business value to buyers and accelerate value realization for customers. 

May previously engaged Mediafly to build a value acceleration practice at Splunk with great success. So, when it came time to develop Databricks’ value program, he knew who could help. 

“Give your team powerful tools like Mediafly with simple, digestible user interfaces that are easy to get behind," said May. “It will increase value self-service adoption, make your life easier, and drive more business value into your customer relationships.”

The Databricks team worked with Mediafly, enlisting a combination of broad value consultancy and the Value360 platform to develop:

  • Top-down buy-in and overall C-suite alignment on the importance of value
  • Earlier, easier, and more enthusiastic adoption thanks to a simple UI
  • Powerful value storytelling capabilities empowering multiple customer-facing areas of the organization
  • Proof of success in the post-sale stage with compelling stories and numbers that speak for themselves
  • Belief and trust in the presales stage, offering customers a sense of confidence and empowerment over decisions

Doug May

VP, Global Value Acceleration

Value360 empowers us to tell a great story — and the whole story — with the characters, their obstacles, the solutions, and the happy ending. Together with Mediafly, we've made it easier for the customer to look good and say yes.

High global tool adoption drives drastically improved win rates

80% of sales reps at Databricks have adopted the company’s Value360 business value assessment. And when they use it in customer interactions, the win rate jumps from 8% to 55% — a staggering 587.5% increase.

“Value is the universal language that connects every department within an organization. Rapid, meaningful growth and expansion don’t happen without a value function. And no solution provider understands that better than Mediafly,” said May.

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