Dr. Falk Goes Digital To Lead Better, More Valuable Sales Conversations

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By using Mediafly, Dr. Falk enabled their salespeople with the right content,
reduced cost and waste, and saved valuable time.

The Challenge

Dr. Falk was printing a lot of sales pieces but still struggling to ensure its salespeople were equipped with the right materials for every conversation. A single product could have multiple indications, each requiring its own portfolio of collateral. It was too much to expect their sales team to be able to find the best resources every time. Having decided it was time to digital, the company initially commissioned a custom-built app - but every time there was an iOS update, their app experienced problems.

Dr. Falk needed an off-the-shelf solution that would provide:

• A straightforward repository for resources with easy access and navigation

• Complete customer service, with no responsibility for updates or maintenance

• Compatibility with iPadControls to prevent sharing certain sensitive materials

• An easy way of updating materials and distributing those updates

The Solution

Mediafly’s sales enablement platform empowers salespeople with:

Beautiful mobile sales presentation apps, able to deliver anywhere, any time

True content management - easy navigation and always up-to-dates

Analytics and feedback, enabling the creation of data-driven content

Using Mediafly, Dr. Falk can:

• Quickly update materials according to regulatory requirements, with none of the costs to print

• Count on Mediafly to carry out software updates, reducing stress

• Easily access all materials in one place and pick and choose what to show within those resources of data-driven content

We’ve been using Mediafly for about six years now, and it’s definitely an established part of our sales process. The ability to create tailored presentations at the drop of a hat enables our salespeople to have better, more valuable sales conversations.

Caroline Turnbull, Marketing Manager, Dr. Falk Pharma UK

The Results

Dr Falk saw impressive results using Mediafly’s solution such as:


More engaging Sales conversations thanks to customizable playlists

Going digital works alongside print to reduce cost and waste

Going digital works alongside print to reduce cost and waste

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