Huntsman Advanced Materials boosts sales productivity with Mediafly

Huntsman Advanced Materials boosts sales productivity

About Huntsman

Manufactures and sells differentiated organic and inorganic chemical products worldwide to form the building blocks for countless consumer and industrial products.

Company Info

The Woodlands, Texas
$8B+ Revenue
Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Glass & Gases; Manufacturing

Key Outcomes

  • Reduced time spent searching for content to send to customers
  • Optimized & personalized content recommendations
  • Improved ability to cross-sell into existing accounts

Mediafly optimizes the content experience for buyers & sellers

Huntsman Corporation is a global chemicals company whose work forms the building blocks for countless consumer and industrial products that are part of your everyday life. The company needed to replace its printed and scattered digital sales collateral with a single digital content repository.

The Challenge

With sales collateral scattered across multiple systems, including a difficult-to-navigate legacy intranet, Huntsman sales reps struggled to find relevant content to share with buyers.

Specialized sales reps only had access to content supporting their business line, making it harder to cross-sell into existing accounts and resulting in missed sales opportunities.

Meanwhile, content creators couldn’t ensure sales reps always used the most up-to-date content. They lacked visibility into what content was leveraged by sellers and whether or not it resonated with buyers.

Additionally, the team needed to stop spending unnecessary funds on printed collateral.

With our digital sales collateral scattered in multiple systems, it became frustrating and time-consuming to hunt down information and content for simple customer communications. To improve sales productivity, we needed a platform where we could easily access all up-to-date, customer-facing collateral in one place.

Matt Pogue

Senior Sales Representative, Huntsman Advanced Materials

The Solution

The global project team at Huntsman Advanced Materials released the new sales application powered by Mediafly content management tools to 22 beta users offering an accessible, easily navigable, single source of truth for up-to-date content across all product lines.

The solution includes advanced content insights empowering marketers to see what content is being shared by sellers, viewed by buyers, for how long, how often, and whether it contributes to revenue.

Instead of sending ten different attachments to a single customer, I can send one link to a curated content collection in Mediafly. I’ve already had customers tell me how much they appreciate the streamlined content experience

Matt Pogue

Senior Sales Representative, Huntsman Advanced Materials

Because the Mediafly solution integrates with the rest of Huntsman’s sales tech stack, content is surfaced where the sales reps work, driving content adoption and usage, and streamlining sales workflows.

All product content is easily searchable, meaning sellers can pivot to address anything buyers want to learn more about, improving the ability to cross-sell into other product lines in real-time.

And in addition to eliminating print costs, content creators can now track what content helps sellers move the needle and receive prescriptive recommendations for what content to archive, promote, and optimize to make the most impact.

With Mediafly, I can see what content my prospects are viewing, for how long, and whether they’ve shared it in real-time. That allows me to follow up with relevant and personalized information when I know my buyer is most engaged. I can already attribute that to closed new business.

Gabriel De La Torriente

Sales Leader T&I, Distribution & Wind, Huntsman Advanced Materials

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