World’s Largest Flavor Manufacturer Givaudan Drives Global Sales with Evolved Selling™

World’s Largest Flavor Manufacturer Givaudan Drives Global Sales with Evolved Selling™

About Givaudan

Givaudan provides flavors and fragrances that engage your senses and power your products. With a commitment to driving innovation and excellence in flavor and fragrance creation.

Company Info

Manufacturing, Flavors, and Fragrances
Global HQ: Switzerland; NOAM HQ: Cincinnati

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced content quality and increased accountability across marketing organization
  • Improved sales conversations resulting in personal buyer interactions
  • Global expansion and adoption across North America into Latin America, EMEA, and APAC regions

The Challenge

Givaudan, the world’s leading provider of flavors and fragrances, sought to transform the buyer-seller dynamic for a truly differentiating customer experience. While the flavor industry has historically been highly technical and fact-based, Givaudan’s Flavors division wanted to shift its selling approach to become a more emotionally based, buyer-centric experience. This was difficult to accomplish with sales and marketing content housed in a number of different platforms and often not readily available. Givaudan sales reps didn’t know where to look to find materials and resorted to often using outdated and inaccurate content, resulting in a poor buyer experience.

The worry the marketing team experienced over the quality of their content very quickly moved into motivation to create better content. That’s a big win for us and something our customers have noticed. We hear regularly that we’re best-in-class for our approach to inspiring customers to act.

Eric Spenske

Head of Marketing at Givaudan Flavors North America

The Solution

Givaudan deployed a new sales application powered by Mediafly to ensure sellers can easily access the most recent and relevant sales materials in real-time with buyers. Having all sales-ready content in one place and accessible online or offline allows sellers to spend less time on low-impact administrative tasks, such as searching for content, and more time leading meaningful sales engagements with buyers. The ability to present straight from the platform gives more control and flexibility to sellers to dynamically customize presentations with marketing-approved content, while also providing marketing with important analytics about what content works and what doesn’t.

The Result

Immediately after launching the sales enablement solution, the marketing team became more accountable for the content they produced. With more eyes on their work, marketing began producing more impactful content that resonated with buyers. The sales teams use the new materials to shape more relevant sales conversations, tell a better business story, and ultimately deliver more personal buyer interactions. The process of onboarding sales and marketing staff has improved dramatically as it is much easier to educate new team members on the different product lines. Based on the overwhelming success of their initial North American Mediafly launch to 125 users, Givaudan expanded adoption of their sales application globally to include Latin America, EMEA, and APAC regions, reaching now over 1000 users.

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