Hanover Increases Pipeline Conversions with Mediafly

Hanover Increases Pipeline Conversions with Mediafly

About Hanover

Provides research and analytics to help executives make informed business decisions.

Company Info

Arlington, VA
Founded in 2003
Market Research
400 employees

Key Outcomes

  • 35% increase in first-call-to-pipeline conversions
  • Stronger coaching culture within the sales team
  • Increase in revenue

Mediafly Provides Visibility into Sales Performance 

Hanover Research provides custom research and analytics to help its clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors make more informed decisions. The company needed a solution to facilitate effective sales coaching.

The Challenge

Sales leadership at Hanover Research needed to improve team performance and determined that listening to sellers’ calls would provide the best insight into skill gaps. This strategy quickly proved difficult to scale for dozens of reps across the globe.

Limited visibility into sellers’ conversations with prospects and customers meant managers had nothing tangible to help guide their one-on-one coaching sessions. As a result, managers relied on performance metrics within the CRM and meeting software as a guide. These meetings ended up rushed and without actionable guidance and feedback for reps to work on — failing to make a significant impact on skills. 

To effectively improve rep and team performance in the field, Hanover’s sales leaders sought a solution for a simple, yet powerful coaching approach.

We needed something easy to implement, easy to understand, and that could give us the precision we’re looking for about where people needed to improve.

Sid Phillips

Chief Growth Officer, Hanover Research

The Solution

With help from Mediafly’s conversation intelligence tool, Hanover’s sales managers were able to get a view into what their sellers were doing and saying in sales calls and use automated conversation analysis to optimize their coaching efforts. These insights enable the team to review calls and identify areas where additional coaching is needed, both at the individual rep level and across the broader sales force. By getting visibility into the real behaviors and performance of their teams, managers can effectively address specific knowledge or skill gaps during coaching sessions. On top of that, reps are encouraged to self-assess by reviewing their own calls, facilitating productive discussions with their managers.

Hanover’s sales leaders harness the power of Mediafly’s conversation intelligence solutions to identify the behaviors and tactics employed by top performers and extract valuable insights to inform additional training and coaching initiatives. This targeted approach ensures that the entire sales team can adopt and replicate the strategies driving the most significant results.

Finally, Mediafly’s conversation intelligence equips the team to diagnose prospects’ challenges, leading to more personalized and compelling outreach efforts. Armed with an understanding of buyer questions, objections, and needs, Hanover’s sellers can articulate the unique value proposition of the company’s solutions, ultimately driving greater engagement and conversion rates.

I was struck by how simple Mediafly is to navigate and how quick and easy it is for managers and directors to review calls.

Sid Phillips

Chief Growth Officer, Hanover Research

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