Okta Increases Engagement with Mediafly Value Solutions

About Okta

Okta is a leading identity and access management company. Allowing companies to manage and secure user authentication and build identity into applications and other web services.

Company Info

Technology, Identity and Access Management
San Francisco

Key Outcomes

  • 30% Increase in Win Rate
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Enhanced sales process led to influence on deal engagement, amounting to over $140 million

The Challenge

Okta, an identity and access management company, faced significant hurdles in demonstrating the value of their products to both sales reps and customers. This challenge led to lower revenue and a reduction in closed deals. The competitive landscape was evolving, with more companies implementing value acceleration tools, making it crucial for Okta to rethink their sales strategy. They needed to engage buyers in value-led discussions earlier in the sales cycle, enable field sellers to prove the value of Okta’s solutions in real-time, and provide both sellers and customers with the necessary data and tools to clearly understand Okta’s value proposition.

Without a unified approach, Okta’s sales reps struggled to find and use the right materials, often relying on outdated and inaccurate content, which resulted in a poor buyer experience and stalled sales processes.

When business value is engaged, we see a better win rate and a higher ARR. Using Mediafly’s toolset, we can confidently arm our sellers in the field to report on these metrics and prove the value of our product in real-time.

Zach Rickenbach

Business Value Analyst at Okta

The Solution

To address these issues, Okta leveraged the Mediafly Value Selling tool to produce business cases. This tool enabled their sellers first to showcase the value of Okta’s solutions in real-time. By having access to the most recent and relevant sales materials, sellers could engage buyers earlier in the sales cycle. This approach not only added value to buyer interactions but also improved overall customer engagement. Mediafly’s Value Selling Solution provided Okta’s sales team with a platform to present marketing-approved content dynamically. It also offered important analytics on content performance, helping marketing teams to refine their materials. The tool’s ability to present content both online and offline gave sellers the flexibility to lead impactful sales engagements without being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Implementing various value assessment tools allowed our buyers to engage with us before starting along the sales cycle, providing reps with a detailed roadmap that ultimately shifted their personal selling techniques.

Zach Rickenbach

Business Value Analyst at Okta

The Result

The implementation of Mediafly Value Selling Tool yielded significant results for Okta. The sales team saw a significant increase in tool-driven engagements, which translated into more meaningful interactions with potential buyers.

One of the most notable outcomes was a 30% increase in the win rate. This improvement had a direct impact on Okta’s revenue, as more deals were successfully closed. Additionally, the enhanced sales process led to a substantial influence on deal engagement, amounting to over $140 million. These results underscored the effectiveness of Mediafly Value Selling Solution in transforming Okta’s sales approach and driving measurable business outcomes. The tool not only streamlined sales operations but also empowered the sales team to deliver compelling value propositions to their customers.

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