Egnyte Elevates Win Rates with Mediafly

Egnyte Elevates Win Rates with Mediafly

About Egnyte

Cloud platform that enables data access management, threat detection, and other security measures.

Company Info

Mountain View, California
Content Intelligence, Data Security, Technology

Key Outcomes

  • Increased win rate 120%
  • Increased average deal size
  • Reduced time from discovery to deal won

Mediafly Provides Value Tools for Stronger Buyer-Seller Relationships

Egnyte is a software company that provides IT solutions for managing content access, privacy, and security. The company needed an easy way for sellers to demonstrate the product’s value for buyers with varied goals and needs.

The Challenge

To drive meaningful conversations centered around quantifiable business value rather than isolated issues, Egnyte aimed to equip its sales team with a comprehensive understanding of customers’ objectives, pain points, and preferred messaging. Scaling a value-selling approach and fostering genuine rapport with clients required a solution that facilitated the creation of tailored, trustworthy value collateral.

Egnyte sought an intuitive, customizable platform that would empower sellers to confidently articulate the tangible benefits of their solution to strengthen customer relationships and foster long-term success.

“We’re trying to help sellers uncover value drivers behind the purchase. We want to provide value-themed guided engagements through all stages of their deals from discovery through close.”

Karl Becker

Director, Value Engineering and Competitive Intelligence, Egnyte

The Solution

Egnyte partnered with Mediafly to establish a robust framework of value-driven messaging, models, and resources. Leveraging their combined expertise, Egnyte and Mediafly collaborated to develop essential tools, including a value assessment tool and a maturity assessment tool, empowering sellers with the necessary collateral to transition from discussions centered on capabilities to conversations focused on business value.

Through this joint effort, Egnyte implemented a comprehensive process, enabling salespeople to link every product feature, conversation, demo, and proposal to tangible buyer outcomes. Reps can identify and uncover the specific drivers of each prospect to deliver fair and accurate value assessments. This approach has enhanced average win rates and accelerated deal cycles by guiding buyers through a focused journey towards achieving goals.

“It’s a way to have a different convo with buyers, and it helps with deal velocity, win rates, and deal size. I’m excited to see Mediafly continue to build on the foundation of scalable, self-service value tools that can be dynamically created on the fly by sellers.”

Karl Becker

Director, Value Engineering and Competitive Intelligence, Egnyte

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