Madison Square Garden Gets a 360° View of Sales Coaching with Mediafly

Madison Square Garden Gets a 360° View of Sales Coaching with Mediafly

About Madison Square Garden

Hosts and manages events at several venues in New York City and across the United States.

Company Info

New York, NY
Sports & Entertainment
2,500 employees

Key Outcomes

  • 31% increase in closed-won opportunities
  • 242% lift in coaching activity
  • 90% of reps listen to their calls

Mediafly Powers Impactful Coaching Experiences

Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. (MSG) is an entertainment holding company that controls live events at Madison Square Garden, as well as other theaters in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Las Vegas. The organization needed to improve sales performance through an enhanced coaching approach. 

The Challenge

MSG sales leadership noticed a major discrepancy between the ideal call structure and how reps were routinely running real customer calls, hindering the success of the greater team. 

Leaders knew reps needed coaching, but their existing call recording software made it too cumbersome. Managers didn’t have time to search for recordings and actively listen to entire calls to unearth coachable moments. Plus, senior leadership had no visibility into whether managers were coaching at all. 

These issues culminated in subpar sales performance. Top reps averaged between two and three meetings per week, while B-players often netted zero. The team needed a strategy to identify winning behaviors, diagnosing skill deficiencies, and ensuring reps were getting the training and coaching to steer them toward success.

MSG is a big entity. When training the sales staff, we were trying to do too much at one time and it wasn’t effective.

Marc Jackson

VP of Season Membership Sales at MSG

The Solution

Deploying Mediafly’s conversation intelligence tool, leadership at MSG gained visibility into sales calls, identifying what “good” looks like — as well as skill gaps and inconsistencies across reps. Noting common behaviors of top performers, they created scorecards and skill heat maps to visualize where sellers excel and fall short.

Call recordings sourced from their own reps are stored in “best practice” libraries within Mediafly to support onboarding and additional learning. These insights empower managers to effectively coach and positively influence behaviors in the field. And sales leaders can hold managers accountable with coaching plans, activities, and analytics logged in Mediafly.    

Our teams watch the game film to improve on the court and on the ice. And now our sales teams are doing the same. When sales reps and managers heard their own tape, their calls got better overnight. It transformed our culture.

Marc Jackson

VP of Season Membership Sales at MSG

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