Upstart Improves Revenue Visibility with Mediafly

Upstart Improves Revenue Visibility with Mediafly

About Upstart

Uses artificial intelligence to connect consumers to personal, home, and automotive loans.

Company Info

Technology, Financial Services
San Mateo, California

Key Outcomes

  • Renewed confidence in data used to inform GTM strategies
  • Accurate and reliable data to streamline forecasting
  • Deeper insights that sellers can act on to increase effectiveness

Mediafly Unifies Data for Efficient Revenue Operations

Upstart Automotive is a technology platform that leverages artificial intelligence to democratize access to credit for consumers throughout the car purchasing journey. The company’s revenue team was working from a set of disconnected systems and data, revealing the need for a single source of truth.

The Challenge

Upstart encountered substantial hurdles as its digital-first lending approach gained traction. First, they didn’t have clear visibility into their sales pipeline — from initial opportunity, to projection, to closing. Additionally, the company faced multifaceted challenges within its operational structure. Each manager required customized Salesforce reports with different variables — which meant lots of duplicated efforts, confusion, inefficiencies and poor time management.

With sales teams operating in silos, decisions were made based on disparate and frequently inaccurate insights. This lack of standardized reporting also meant leadership had no unified tool for forecasting data. The burden of crafting ad hoc reports fell on the operations team, further exacerbating inefficiencies within the system and hurting productivity.

We had to create reports in Salesforce for every team, and then individuals would inevitably change the filters and alter the reports, creating extra work and inefficiencies.

Adriana Boyce

Senior Manager of Sales Ops at Upstart

The Solution

To sync all activity data and provide reliable snapshots of pipeline health and forecast changes from a single source of truth, Upstart implemented Mediafly’s revenue intelligence solution.

Now, sales managers can easily:

  • Filter reports
  • Identify risks
  • Monitor deal progress
  • Investigate changes for salvaging opportunities
Mediafly made scalability and growth so much easier. It was an easy win for our reporting and analytics. We create it once, and it's done.

Adriana Boyce

Senior Manager of Sales Ops at Upstart

With Mediafly’s automatic forecast consolidation, data is updated in real-time and ensures a smoother forecasting process. As a result, less time is wasted gathering data — enabling the entire revenue team to allocate more time and focus toward identifying the best opportunities and closing deals.

We can now clearly understand the status of every deal and can slice and dice our funnel in various ways. We can see different charts and customize the data sets to exactly what our stakeholders want to see.

Adriana Boyce

Senior Manager of Sales Ops at Upstart

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