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Sales Enablement:

A Next Generation Sales Enablement Platform for Evolved Selling™

It’s a digital-first world and your buyer has changed. They’re doing more research on their own and interacting with sales reps later than ever. When they do engage, their expectations are high. How do you provide a differentiating sales experience that values the modern buyer and drives business results?

Mediafly’s sales enablement platform gives your sellers and marketers a simple and effective way to create, deliver, and analyze engaging sales presentations all from one intuitive sales application.

On-demand, up-to-date sales content

Easy presentation preparation and follow-up

Interactive presentation tools

Real-time, client-specific data and insights

Companies that leverage Mediafly’s sales enablement platform experience:

Increased revenue

Larger average order values

Improved sales efficiency

Higher win rates

Mediafly’s sales enablement platform empowers marketers and sellers to stop pitching products and services and start facilitating value-based sales engagements. From turnkey digital sales asset management to fully customized sales applications, Mediafly meets companies of any size, in any industry where you’re at today and takes you to a state of Evolved Selling.


Manage and Distribute More Engaging Sales Collateral

Save your sales reps time so they can focus more on selling and less on hunting for the right content.

  • Drag, drop, and integrate content with existing solutions
  • Distribute multiple content formats, including PDF, audio, video, PPT, or extensions
  • Protect content with airtight security features

How does it work? Learn more about Evolved SellingTM for Marketers and for Sales Reps.


Customize Your Sales Platform

Engage customers and prospects! Mediafly technology works like a branded, device-agnostic sales app that delivers an insightful customer selling experience.

  • Share content from your browser, iOS, Android, and desktop apps
  • Tailor for industries such as tech, finance, and consumer goods (CPG)
  • Choose your level of customization offered to reps
  • Maintain your company’s visual branding
  • Pair custom navigation with interactive content

Want to see customization in action? Watch the Custom Themes video.


From turnkey to full custom sales applications, build a sales app as unique as your brand.


Interact and Engage with Buyers

Turn static sales presentations into interactive conversations with customers.

  • Presentation tools built for in-person meetings, like second screen, saveable annotations, and data visualization
  • Send and track follow-up content
  • Use calculators, guided selling, and data visualization tools

How you can achieve a new level of interaction? Watch this video.


Use value-based selling tools to create more collaborative and interactive sales engagements that resonate with buyers.


Analyze and Optimize Content

Finally, visibility on what works! Unlock metrics from the entirety of the sales cycle for actionable insights to improve future sales pitches.

  • Marketers will see how, when, and where content gets used to understand what closes deals
  • Sales will discover which follow-up materials are most compelling
  • Automatically log what you presented into different CRMs like Salesforce, SAP Customer Experience and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Assess content effectiveness against revenue
QuoteMarks“Thanks to Mediafly our salespeople feel confident and empowered to respond to customers quickly with data and information they need.”

Jennifer Tillman, Insights Specialist, Sonoco

Is Mediafly’s sales enablement platform right for you?

We work with companies large and small who have complex or diverse products and services to sell, from beverages to financial. To learn whether Mediafly’s sales enablement platform is right for your company, request a demo!