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80% of sales interactions are expected to remain digital. Change is upon us.

Join the content engagement revolution by making every step of the B2B buyer journey more interactive, value-focused, and impactful.


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In order to build engagement, foster trust, and accelerate revenue, we must EVOLVE the B2B buyer journey to become more data-centric and impactful.

99% of B2B buyers say they will make a purchase in an end-to-end, digital self-serve model and finish almost the entire buying journey before ever speaking to a sales rep.

This is resulting in a crippling blindspot into what prospects are doing and how they’re engaged throughout the sales cycle, and it's leading to misaligned interactions between sellers and buyers.

With the buyer journey being done digitally and independently, content is playing a much bigger role — but according to Forrester, 59% of B2B buyers agree the content shared with them is useless.

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What’s in store at this year’s Evolve 2021 Virtual Event? 


Gain exclusive insights from leading experts at companies like Forrester Research and The Transparency Sale on how you can propel your organization’s content engagement experience into the “next normal” of B2B.


See how cutting edge sales and marketing organizations are leveraging content intelligence, interactive presentations, value selling, and sales enablement to exceed the elevated expectations of today’s B2B buyers.


Walk away with actionable business strategies and tools to differentiate your brand in a sea of content, emails, and Zoom calls.




What worked in the past — your top performers, your best sales plays, and your most popular content — All of this may not be working as expected now.

With virtual selling and elevated customer expectations a fact of life, if you haven’t re-evaluated needed sales and marketing capabilities, and enabled your sellers with new tools to elevate their game, you are likely feeling the pain.

In this interview with Peter Ostrow, VP, Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies at Forrester Research, we examine the latest research to understand what is working and what is not, and provide you with the strategy and tools to rise up and triumph over the new “customer engagement” challenge.


Host: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly
Guest Speaker: Peter Ostrow, VP, Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, Forrester Research

Join Mediafly's CEO for a look at our revolutionary vision of the sales tech future. See why we're taking engagement as the next frontier to understand account health and enable revenue teams to accelerate buyers to YES. Explore how content engagement metrics - coupled with intent data and sales activity - can lead to optimal revenue intelligence.


Carson Conant, CEO, Mediafly

How do you arm your sellers so they know exactly what to say and leverage when they engage with prospects and customers? 

How do you prevent “show up and throw up”, elevating to a more engaging and interactive conversation? One that inspires that follow-on meeting, and ignites your prospect to accelerate the deal to “Yes”?

In this interview with Sean Goldie, VP of Revenue Enablement & Strategy at 6sense, we discuss the challenges their sellers had in leveraging big presentations, white papers, brochures, and other traditional content in their virtual selling engagements. Sean will illustrate how they were able to quickly develop and leverage workspaces, interactive presentations, and value to empower sellers to elevate each engagement to success.


Host: Tricia Stamatakos, VP Presentify, Mediafly

Sean Goldie, VP of Revenue Enablement & Strategy, 6sense

You’ve got a partner program that is responsible for most of your current sales, and a relatively new direct sales force established to take control of the sales cycle.

So how do you make sure the partners are enabled to be even more effective, and this new direct sales force is enabled to take control of more customer conversations and succeed?

How do you know what’s working or not as quickly as possible to correct the course and create success?

In this session, we interview John Ross, Director, ServiceNow Solutions at Sakon, to understand how Sakon quickly implemented an evolved selling program of sales, content, and value enablement, helping to empower partners and direct sellers alike with better customer conversations, engagements, and selling.


Host: Melanie Romano, Customer Success Manager, Mediafly

John Ross, Director, ServiceNow Solutions, Sakon

Content has always been a big priority for marketing leaders. But how do you enable your marketing and sales teams in a modern way to succeed with content in a world where B2B selling is becoming harder than ever?

In this interview with Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, and Latane Conant, CMO of 6Sense, we discuss the state of B2B content today from the perspective of the marketer, the acceleration into digital selling, what it takes to create a new generation of content effectiveness and engagement, and how that impacts the relationship between sales and marketing.


Host: Isabelle Papoulias, Chief Marketing Officer, Mediafly
Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing
Latane Conant, Chief Market Officer at 6sense and Author of “No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls: The Next Generation of Account-Based Sales and Marketing”

Closing Comments

Consensus selling is hard. Consensus buying is harder. Now, with many of your buyers working remotely just like you, consensus buying is even harder. And, given that when making a decision, our brains subconsciously stack the deck towards the easier path, buying journey friction can be driving your prospects and customers towards the status quo… or even the competition.

Using the behavioral science of transparency and clinical empathy, we can stack the deck back in our direction.

In this discussion, Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale, will walk us through how we, as buyers of things, engage, prioritize, decide, and buy, and how we can use those elements for good (not evil!) to optimize our messaging, positioning, and the overall buyer journey. The results? Faster decision making, increased win rates, and dramatically improved qualification (in and OUT).


 Host: Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly
Todd Caponi, Founder of Sales Melon and Author of “The Transparency Sale”

Join Mediafly’s technology leaders for a sneak peek into what’s coming your way over the next year! There will be a game changing announcement you won’t want to miss!


 Jason Shah, Chief Technology Officer,  Mediafly

Chris Tran, Director of Product Management, Mediafly

Value Enablement means empowering your commercial organization to better communicate and quantify value across the buyer’s journey and throughout the customer lifecycle.

So how can you best implement a Value Enablement Lifecycle approach for your organization, enabling the right mindset, skill set, and tool kit to deliver it?

In this workshop, we discuss what is needed to exceed customer expectations around value, discuss what elements are needed to stepwise create and scale a great program, and show you exactly how easy it is to implement.


Host: Dan Sixsmith, SVP Sales, Mediafly
Host: Bryan Leopard, SVP Consulting and Advisory Services, Mediafly
Vikas Mundada, Director, Customer Value Management, Ping Identity

We all understand the importance of keeping our customers happy, but to truly forge a lasting relationship founded on trust, we must constantly add value for our customers so they can continue to grow and evolve their businesses.

How do we strive to keep our customers happy while ensuring we act as strategic partners? We focus far beyond initial onboarding and implementation, through an entire post-sales lifecycle.

In this panel discussion, Mediafly’s own Customer Delight team members will discuss the ways in which we keep our customers happy, fulfilled, and constantly growing every day from the contract signature onwards.


Host: Jodie Jansen, EVP Customer Experience, Mediafly

Polly Sims, VP Customer Success, Mediafly

Stephen Wood, Senior Director Customer Care, Mediafly

Mara Hill, Implementation and Onboarding, Mediafly

Join us for an award ceremony recognizing customers who have revolutionized their organization's performance with Mediafly. The winners will be announced live!


Host: Andrew Miehl, Chief Customer Officer

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