Mediafly Insights: Advanced Content Analytics & Dashboards

Measure content engagement and quantify its impact on revenue

Would you like to boost you content ROI but lack visibility into its impact throughout the sales cycles? Mediafly insights allows your team to make data-driven decisions by combining qualitative feedback with quantitative data on consumption to tie content usage to revenue.

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Use revenue intelligence to drive deal confidence

Combine content engagement, buyer intent, and sales activity data for a 360-degree view of opportunity and account health in one visual dashboard.

strong>Leverage robust multichannel content engagement data that’s effortlessly captured via automation and machine learning. While the deep integrations with your sales tech stack break down siloes between content engagement, buyer intent, and sales activity data.

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Measure the impact of sales content on revenue

Sales Enablement and Marketing teams invest heavily on content creation, but typically lack the visibility into what content helps sellers close deals or isn’t working. With under-performing content, sellers not only struggle to close deals but marketing budgets are also wasted.

Easily assess content at a glance with our Content Impact Report:


High-performing content
frequently used by sellers that drives prospect engagement and closed deals


High-potential content
under-leveraged by sellers that should be further promoted


Moderately-performing content that should be evaluated for improvements


Under-performing content that should be eliminated

Understand how your prospects engage with sales content shared by reps with Quick Look Dashboards:


See the most engaged content users among your prospect accounts


Measure the meetings held and which content was shared by sales reps


Gleam the most viewed content and by whom



Thanks to Mediafly, our salespeople feel confident and empowered to respond to customers quickly with data and information they need.

Jennifer Tillman, Insights Specialist


Go beyond the standard content usage reporting

The Mediafly Insights analytics dashboard easily unlocks engagement metrics from the entirety of the sales cycle that help you make the right decisions about your marketing content creation, investment and improve future sales interactions.

  • Allocate sales content creation budgets more effectively
  • Drive better sales and marketing alignment
  • Increase CRM usage and adoption by sellers
  • Optimize content for improved sales outcomes

Simplify data management and improve accuracy

Empower your sales and marketing teams with with the data they need to improve the accuracy of content decisions in a simple to manage way.

  • Easily store, distribute, and track sales content usage
  • Seamlessly push and pull data between Mediafly, your CRM system, and Marketing Automation platform
  • Deploy AI-power CRM meeting updates and content recommendations to minimize seller errors and save them time

Are you looking for actionable insights into content consumption?

We work with companies large and small who have complex or diverse products and services to sell, from beverages to financial. To learn whether the insights offered within the Mediafly platform can help your company, request a demo!

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