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The Evolved Selling Journey

Companies of all sizes and industries are recognizing the urgency of enabling sellers with the right content and tools to help elevate and facilitate buyer engagement to improve experiences and drive better sales performance.

Traditional Selling

Traditional Selling
Unfortunately, where too many companies remain today:
• Sellers pitch your company, products and services with canned PowerPoint and paper-based sales collateral
• Value is not articulated
• Sellers waste time searching for content in multiple places, while Marketers struggle with requests, versioning and compliance
• Classroom-style sales training is the norm, costly and easily forgotten
• Little visibility into what is used, consumed and effective

Enabled Selling

Enabled Selling
Where initial efforts are already generating notable improvements:
• Content Management is deployed to centralize content, improve search, manage versions and compliance
• Traditional classroom sales training is replaced with digital training (LMS) and certifications
• Sellers begin the transition from product-led to challenge-centric selling
• Technology and content usage is measured

Evolved Selling

Evolved Selling
Where Sellers are empowered with new types of content to drive better engagements:
• Customized mobile sales apps to deliver a tailored, interactive presentation experience for buyers
• Interactive assessments, ROI and TCO tools to discover, communicate and quantify value
• Optimized digital learning with individual performance optimization and coaching
• Visibility into consumption and identifying what is most effective
• AI/ML-powered CRM integration to improve efficiency and deliver "next best" recommendations to drive effectiveness

Evolved Selling Book

What can you do to better enable your newest sellers and middlers to perform just like your best?

How can you better communicate and quantify the unique value of your solutions?

How can you improve your content to provocatively inspire buyers from “do nothing” to “Yes!”.

Check out the book: Evolved Selling to get answers to all your top sales content, leadership & enablement questions.

100 Metrics that matter

Metrics you should know for sales enablement, content management and value selling. For example:

  • 53% of workers who are currently remote hope they will be able to continue to work from home more often after the crisis is over.
  • 44% of US workers are glad their business travel has been cut back.

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