Evolved Selling Journey

The journey measures and prescribes progress across four key pillars of improvement.

Are your Sellers Enabled?

Are they leveraging all of the content and tools you provide them in the right way at the right time?

Are they equipped to effectively communicate and quantify the differentiating value of your offering?

Can you and your management quantify the impact of your content and tools on revenue?

If you can’t confidently answer “Yes” to these questions, you’re not alone. In the last five years, sales enablement technology spending has increased 69% to help address these challenges(6Connex). Companies of all sizes and industries are recognizing the urgency of enabling sellers with the right content and tools to help elevate and facilitate buyer engagement to improve experiences and drive better sales performance.

Evolved Selling institute

69% increase in sales enablement technology investments

Most are at the beginning of the Evolved Selling journey.

So we created Evolved Selling, a journey map to help assess where you are today, and guide your best next step. From Traditional Selling to Enabled Selling, and optimally to Evolved Selling.

The journey measures progress across four key pillars of improvement, to assure your messaging and content, seller capabilities, engagement capabilities and insights are all maturing in concert to drive a superior buyer experience and improve sales performance:

  • Inspiring Improving the ability for your sellers to connect with buyers on their challenges and articulate the priority of the challenge and your differentiating value to provocatively motivate prospects to change from “do nothing” to “Yes”.
  • Influential Elevating how your sellers engage with prospects, optimizing content and reshaping the buying experience as a competitive differentiator.
  • Interactive Elevating each unique engagement with personalized discovery, assessments, benchmarking, analytics and value / ROI / TCO analysis to provide insights, recommendations and advice.
  • Intelligence Integrating with CRM fully, leveraging AI / ML to ease data entry, improve tracking and drive next best recommendations, and most importantly, tying content, process and tool usage, sharing and consumption to actual business value outcomes to optimize content investments and sales performance.

Evolved Selling™

Enabled Selling

Traditional Selling


Right Messaging
  • By Role
  • By Industry
  • Value Storytelling
  • Vignettes
  • Challenge-Based
  • Methodology
  • About Us
  • Product Focus


Right Content
  • Customized Sales App
  • Enabled Inside Sellers
  • Enabled Channel Partners
  • Targeted & Dynamic Sales
  • Presentation Builder
  • Presentations
  • Visual Catalog
  • Situational Based Training
  • Multimedia
  • Playbooks
  • Customizable UI
  • Mobile App
  • Compliance
  • Proposal/RFP Automation
  • Muli-Platform
  • LMS
  • Search
  • Easy Sharing
  • Content Management Tool
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Internet Portals
  • E-Signatures
  • Linear Powerpoints
  • Classroom-Style Training
  • Email Updates
  • Paper


Right Conversation
  • 3D & AR
  • ROI Tool Customization
  • ROI & TCO Tools
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Realized ROI
  • Assessment & Benchmarking Tools
  • ROI / TCO Spreadsheets
  • Assessment Spreadsheets
  • Discovery Guides
  • Whitepapers


Right Insights
  • AI / ML
  • Automated CRM Entry
  • Seller Performance Tracking
  • Business Outcomes Tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • MAP Integration
  • Consumption & Usage Tracking
  • Manual Tracking & Reporting

Where are you? Where should you go next? Your Interactive Evolved Selling Journey

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