If you have a high volume of leads but a low conversion rate, have marketing saying things are great, but sales saying it's a struggle, and have data sets that don't tell the same story either, you likely have misalignment between your sales, marketing groups. And this can have a serious cost to your business.

These are some of the challenges author Jeff Davis highlighted as clear indicators to sales and marketing alignment issues in our latest interview. But stress not, as we also discussed specific ways to not just recognize, but help overcome these alignment issues.


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When taking over a new sales enablement program, what do you do first? How do you prioritize and remain not just focused but motivated through what promises to be a lot of trial and error?

This is what we discussed with Bill Mathias, the Global Head, Sales Enablement and Revenue Operations at ACI Learning, a training provider for leaders in Audit, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology.

Bill shared how he created a culture for success, the capability and maturity framework he leveraged to guide progress, and the measurements he used to track accomplishments.


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How is the role of the Sales Engineer (SE) changing, and what is needed to enable Sales Engineers for success?

These are some of the questions we posed to Sales Engineer author, training and consulting expert John Care. Having trained thousands and run Sales Engineering for the likes of CA, Business Objects and Clarify to name a few, he was just the expert we needed to capture an understanding of the changing role of the SE, how to optimize SEs for virtual environments, how to keep SEs better enabled, engaged and retained.


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When it comes to what makes a seller and sales leader successful, there is one key ingredient that makes all the difference in today's market, and that is trust and transparency.

In this interview with award-winning author of the Transparency Sale and sales performance consultant Todd Caponi, we discuss his groundbreaking research on the importance of transparency to driving sales success, and how setting and meeting expectations and embracing your "flawesomeness" can make all the difference in winning that big deal. Even more, we explore not just how trust and transparency can drive better seller performance, but how it can be leveraged to transform sales leadership to drive more predictable revenue performance and growth, and how Todd has shaped these new findings and practices into his new book, The Transparency Sales Leader.


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Growing two incredibly successful value acceleration programs, first at Splunk and now at Databricks, Doug May has the success metrics and track record that immediately grabs your attention, and makes you want to know his secret sauce for success.

And this is exactly what we discussed in this important interview, uncovering Doug and his teams' secrets to value enablement program leadership, adoption and scale. Doug openly shares what it took to build both programs to success, what he would do differently, and the success metrics this has driven.


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When you launch a new Customer Success organization, and go from a team of 9 to over 50 in less than two years, you must be doing something right, and certainly have some important lessons to share.

In this interview with Jessica Lovell, VP of Customer Success for SPINS, a leading wellness-focused data technology company, we discuss the challenges in creating and growing a new customer success organization, how to best enable the team and measure for success, and important lessons learned along the way.


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When you develop and launch a value enablement program you want to make sure you value selling, marketing and customer success is done right, and evolves correctly to greater success. This means being able to sell customers on participating, overcoming key objections for credibility, and instrumenting sales and partners to scale.

In this interview with Rui Miranda and Fiona Leeson, customer value leaders with fintech firm Finastra we discuss what it took to get their value enablement program right, and the four lessons they learned along the way that you can proactively address to make your program even better right out of the gate.

Rui - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruinmiranda/

Fiona - https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-leeson-b427831bb/

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I wanted to get a view of what priorities and initiatives the best sellers and sales leaders were working on to kick-off 2022, and who better to tap than the Sales Evangelist himself, Donald Kelly.

Donald hosts the popular and valuable Sales Evangelist podcast, is CEO / founder of Sales Evangelist Training, is an Adjunct Professor with BYU in Idaho and is the VP of Sales with BenfoComplete.

In this interview we do a quick lookback, reviewing the big themes that drove 2021 initiatives, and how these are being reshaped as we move into a New Year. Everything from the importance of trust and transparency, seller retention and diversity


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As customers want less friction in the buying process and demand more from sellers, what do you need to do in order to meet new buyer needs and deliver differentiated experiences?

In this interview with Lisa Schnare, a Sales Development Consultant and Fractional Sales Leader and a ValueSelling Framework Advocate & Associate, we discuss ways to leverage a more value oriented approach and framework to improve your buyer engagements and drive better sales performance. We discuss ways to perform better buyer discovery, demo more effectively, how to "clean the plate", form and collaborate on a plan letter and several more specific techniques you can leverage immediately to boost sales.


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How effective is current forecasting and how can it be improved with data, insights and intelligence to drive more efficiency, accuracy and predictable revenue outcomes?

In this interview we discuss these issues and revenue intelligence solutions with Todd Abbott, the Chief Executive Officer for InsightSquared, and a seasoned executive sales and marketing leader for the likes of Mitel, Spireon, Avaya, Seagate, Symbol, Cisco and IBM.

Listen in to learn what data is important to consider, how to measure sales and buyer flow, and why this is an essential tool to implement in 2022 for Chief Revenue Offices (CROs), sales execs, marketing leaders and revenue operation pros.


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Well, EVOLVERS, we made it to the end! Please take a few minutes to listen to this years Best Of moments with Tom and just a select few of our wonderful guests, such as Spencer Wixom of Challenger, Caroline Tien-Spalding of Aptology, and Jeff Collins of Coupa.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful transition into 2022!

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When you have 20 years of experience in creating and scaling value selling programs, you learn a thing or two. In this interview with Scott Jeffries, Director of Value Consulting for Slack, we tap his extensive experiences in his current role, and with Netsuite, TFP and SAP, as he outlines his proven formula for allocating the right resources and investments, hiring the best value consultants, and scaling the program for selling and partner success,

Checkout his proven roadmap to help you create, launch and evolve your own value enablement practice:


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Post pandemic, most sales enablement teams are leveraging learning management systems (LMS) to help remote and hybrid sales teams become better trained, competent and engaged.

To better understand the best practices which sales enablement pros are leveraging to accomplish this, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Kling, Vice President of Marketing, for LMS solution provider SAP Litmos.

In this interview, Jennifer discusses the "art of the possible" in remote training, video and mobile learning, and coaching, and outlines the three key priorities for 2022: 1) Mobile learning, 2) Sales leader advancement and growth, 3) Enabling hybrid workforce training / learning.


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When you develop a business value program, where do you best start, and what are the exact steps you can use to achieve scale and excellence?

In this interview with Gino Colonico, Digital Transformation lead for PTC and key developer of PTC’s value enablement / management office and tools, we explored these questions and more, with Gino sharing his personal journey and lessons learned.


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When you implement a new sales enablement solution, how do you make the right choice and optimize the impact it has?

In this interview with John Ross. Director of ServiceNow Solutions for spend management platform provider Sakon, we explore his journey over the past year to procure and implement new sales, content and value enablement programs for direct sellers and partners. He discusses what criteria went into selecting their solution providers, the content issues they uncovered, and the steps they took to garner greater success (think simple).


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We all get those presumptive outreach emails or in-mails. Have any of these ever worked on you? So why is our reaction to get our own marketing and sales teams to do these at scale?

In this interview we discuss these challenges and so many more with Peter Strohkorb, author of the books “Smarketing - Sell Smarter, Not Harder” , and “The OneTEAM Method", founder and CEO of Peter Strohkorb Advisory, and sales exec and leader experience with Sony, Dell, DXC, Canon and 3M.

Peter discusses the outdated traditional sales funnel (which actually dates to the late 1800s) and how to best tune your marketing content, sales and commercial engagements to best accelerate your sales performance and customer lifetime value.


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