When you are selling digital transformation to manufacturing, product and engineering firms, it is essential that there be a solid business case made for change, and business value outcomes tracked and achieved over time. Shawn Tsetsilas is the Digital Transformation lead for PTC, a leading provider of CAD, PLM, IoT, and AR solutions, and I had the opportunity to talk to him about the Value Enablement program he is helping PTC develop and launch to do just this type of assessment for prospects and customers. Shawn discusses what it takes to get a value program right, at scale and adopted effectively, with some great and frank advice.


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When you want to evolve and elevate an existing sales enablement program, or set up a new practice from scratch, where do you turn for a blueprint? In this interview with Mike Kunkle, one of the top sales enablement thought leaders, author of the new book “The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement” and currently Vice President, Sales Effectiveness Services for sales growth consultancy SPARXiQ, we discuss the elements of an effective sales enablement blueprint, with building block details on how to think about your content, sales hiring, sales training and coaching, measurement and how to optimize your sales tech stack.


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How perfect does your ROI business case proposal need to be? How much evidence is enough, or too much? To answer these questions, we turn to former CIO, two-time best selling author and IT value consultant Jim Maholic to discuss the importance of presenting a credible business case, what evidence is needed to reinforce the credibility and how to best scale a value enablement program for success.


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How do you get sellers to do better value discovery, storytelling and quantification? How do you assure rollout, adoption and scale of your new value program despite being remote? These are just a couple of the key value selling questions I tackled with Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner for leading sales training firm Value Selling Associates. In this interview he discusses the importance of having a framework to help drive more effective value discovery and conversations, and how to reshape value learning and enablement programs now that sellers are remote.


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Why should your reps be more Sherpa and less Salesperson? What can sellers learn from musicians to maintain their groove and up their performance? These are just a few of the questions we addressed with author, podcaster, keynote speaker and selling consultant David Fisher, better known as D-Fish. David has written 9 books including the best-sellers “Hyper-Connected Selling” and "Networking in the 21st Century", and he’s the host of "Beer, Beats, and Business", a podcast that shares casual conversations with leaders in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We tapped into this consulting and research experience to better understand what it takes to be a better seller, sales leader and revenue enablement professional with the "new normal".


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How do you get sellers best enabled with new selling methodologies, messaging and skills now that they are remote? To answer this key question we tapped Jason Gwilliam, a Sales Enablement Evangelist, Podcaster, Blogger, and Speaker, currently Sales Enablement Leader for Abbott's Structural Heart division. Tapping his extensive sales enablement and training leadership experience with several medical device companies and the Navy, we discuss the best ways to keep your remote sellers engaged, capable and confident.


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What does the journey to leading your own value practice look like, and what does implementing value enablement across the entire customer lifecycle entail? In this interview, we explore both the personal journey and customer value lifecycle with Jeff Collins, Senior VP of Value Engineering for business spend management firm Coupa. Jeff provided several key value innovations he and his team have put into solid practice, especially: engaging with proforma value hypotheses early in the customer engagement process, leveraging benchmarks and peer comparisons, the value of success stories and proof points and the best way to implement Realize value / ROI for customer success.


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How do you best convince sellers to evolve from price to value? How do you assure buyers trust in you and in the decision to be made? These are two key questions among others that we addressed and answered with practical advice and methods in this interview with author, podcaster and keynoter Ian Altman. Checkout his sales performance and value selling advice here -


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When engaging with new prospects and customers, it's essential to align with business objectives, build a solution transformation journey and know the business outcomes. In this interview with Christopher Li, VP of Transformation and Innovation at Revenue Intelligence firm Xactly, we discussed his Transform business advisory group who deliver on this vision, and how he optimized his value enablement and acceleration lifecycle initiatives for pre-sales growth and customer success.


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If you are in Value Enablement and Value Selling, you are likely very passionate about the topic and practice. And if you are the ROI Dude and the ROI Guy, it's not just in the name, it's in the blood. In this interview with Steve Kaplan, we geek out on the value of ROI pre and post sale, value storytelling, and how vital financial justification is for "building trust in the decision".


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Your sellers have more buyers than ever involved in every purchase decision, making it tougher than ever to effectively engage and get new, deals, renewals and expansions across the finish line in a timely manner. According to my interview with Dr Mary Shea, this is where Engagement Intelligence comes into play, providing commercial team members with signals and guidance as to the right engagement channel, timing, message and content, while arming leaders with the deal and forecast insights to boost confidence and optimize actions.


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When you want to have a credible, trusted value program it pays to lead with a six sigma and customer success approach, this according to our interview with Rosalie Girard, the Director of Business Value Engineering for unified search, analytics and machine learning pioneer Coveo. In this conversation we explore ways to leverage Customer Success to gather real-world impacts and evidence to fuel your Value Enablement program, Day in the Life of (DILO) to quantify benefits, and strategic value plans to prioritize and roadmap mutual success.


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With so much change in buying processes and digital selling, I wanted to test some theories and bounce a few ideas off a true expert, to understand what is working best and how to improve. I turned to Lori Richardson, a B2B Sales and Revenue Growth Strategist, a Salesforce and LinkedIn “Top Sales Influencer to Follow”, a Virtual Sales Kickoff Speaker, Author, Event Organizer, and host of the award-winning, "Conversations with Women in Sales" podcast. Checkout her sales transformation advice here:


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Connecting, engaging and convincing buyers is harder than ever before, but sharing and leveraging insights can give you a significant edge. Knowing this, we tap THE experts, Dr. Stephen Timme and Melody Astley from Finlistics, author of the book Insight Led Selling, to discuss exactly what insights are and how sellers can leverage to get more meetings, close more deals and improve renewals.

Melody - https://www.linkedin.com/in/melodyastley/

Stephen - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-stephen-timme-phd-finance-8177578/

Book Link - insightledselling.com

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A remote, and even more challenging hybrid selling environment requires sales enablement to rethink how they enable sellers with the right content, tools and intelligence to succeed. So what should you be doing today to properly enable success? Who better to learn from than Nancy Nardin, Founder of the decision resource site: Smart Selling Tools. In this interview we discuss the key introspective questions you should be asking, and what content, value and sales enablement practices you should be leveraging immediately to improve customer engagement experiences and drive selling success.


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As sellers we are often provided with discovery guides and taught about the key questions to ask our prospects, but do we have a guide and coaching on how to provide the best answers, especially responses enabling us to build trust, so important with today's skeptical buyer? In this interview with Dr. Brian Glibkowski, author of the book Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ we discuss six methods to Answer questions, in order to influence your deals from "Do Nothing" to "Yes".


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In this interview with value expert, "Sales is King" podcast host and top-sales leader Dan Sixsmith, we review some of the pressing challenges he and his team have been addressing over the past few quarters, and why he thinks now is the time to address these challenges elevating value from a "just tools" to a lifecycle program approach. Best of all, we discuss the new Value Enablement Lifecycle framework and the people, process, tools, integration and intelligence that can help guide the journey.


Value Enablement Lifecycle: https://www.mediafly.com/evolved-selling-community-blog/value-enablement-lifecycle/

Sales is King Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/5WDreew4cAYFZzpoYBIFLR

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With so many businesses now selling subscription services and relying on recurring revenue, it's not just marketing and sales responsible for business development. It is now everyone in the organization who plays a role. In this interview with Alex Moyle. the podcast host of the Growth Hub podcast series and author of the book “Business Development Culture, Taking Sales Culture Beyond the Sales Team”, we discuss the challenges of achieving recurring revenue success and the key enablement you need to implement today in order to drive success.


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