Onward and Upward! Mediafly Builds Unparalleled Momentum in Sales Content Solutions Market

By John Evarts | September 15, 2020

Momentum isn’t just speed or distance. It’s a vector quantity. It has both magnitude and direction. To have momentum, it must build onward and upward, progressing beyond the status quo. In The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q3 2020 report, we believe Mediafly proved it is doing just that. 

In case you aren’t familiar with the report or why it’s a big fat deal, The Forrester Wave is a trusted analyst resource for companies seeking an unbiased assessment of the sales enablement and sales content solutions market. The Q3 2020 Sales Content Solutions report evaluates the nine most significant sales content solution providers against 40 criteria grouped into three categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. 

Mediafly’s Sales Enablement and Sales Content Solutions (And Customers) Are In a Class of Their Own

From scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Mediafly’s customers are nothing if not sophisticated. Our forward-thinking clients in industries ranging from CPG to manufacturing to tech are less concerned with deploying sales training and productivity tools and more focused on solving sales and marketing challenges that impact bottom-line revenue. For that reason, we’ve spent the last two years taking a different approach to our sales enablement platform, making strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and investments in ROI tools, interactive presentation capabilities, and sales content analytics solutions that truly drive revenue. These decisions have paid off. Our differentiated offerings built the momentum we needed to make a big leap and be named a ‘Strong Performer’ in the latest Forrester Wave report on Sales Content Solutions.

How Mediafly Differentiates From Other Sales Content Solutions 

Of the challenges we help our customers solve, the biggest challenge we see now is the fundamental shift in how buyers consume content. Where people used to purchase newspapers and magazines, they now subscribe to podcasts and blogs. Rather than purchase expensive cable packages, the majority now stream live TV and on-demand movies. Today’s buyers use tablets and smartphones to consume the content they want when they want it. 

With content consumption patterns shifting so dramatically and more content than ever available to buyers on their path to purchase, our biggest concern has become helping our customers equip their sales and marketing teams to provide buyers with the types of content experiences they’ve come to expect – experiences that are intuitive, personalized, interactive, and valuable. In our opinion, the recent Forrester Wave underscores that our sales enablement and sales content solutions do just that. We believe our scores prove Mediafly leads the market in helping organizations:

Empower Sellers to Create Dynamic and Interactive Sales Experiences 

While nothing can truly compare to an in-person selling experience, worldwide social distancing measures have forced sales organizations to accelerate their digital transformations with new and creative digital selling strategies. To ensure our customers can recreate the in-person selling experience to the best of their ability, Mediafly allows sellers to dynamically assemble and customize content – including animated presentations, videos, rich media, etc. – into an integrated experience that can be presented live or sent directly to buyers. 

One customer I spoke with last week said their Mediafly application has been a “game-changer” throughout the pandemic. After experiencing lag times with their web conferencing software, the pharmaceutical company instructed sellers to skip the video calls altogether. In place of web conferencing, they’re now sending presentation links directly to buyers and walking them through seamless sales engagements in real-time over the phone. As a result, they’ve seen a dramatic decrease in buyer frustration and an increase in deals won.

In the current environment, it has become more difficult than ever to capture a buyer’s attention and keep it. As a result, today’s sales discussions must be more prescriptive, interactive, and personalized than ever before. To help sellers navigate this new normal, Mediafly offers true guided selling capabilities to successfully train sellers on how to leverage new digital content with buyers. Our offering includes intuitive interactive selling tools such as ROI calculators and TCO comparisons to help buyers justify purchases in the current economic climate. The platform also offers sellers the support they need to create rich content experiences leveraging a variety of different content types and leading AI-powered capabilities including content recommendations. 

Support Consistent and Personalized, End-to-End Content Experiences 

With more remote buyers, even more of the buyer’s journey is happening online. In fact, the typical B2B buyer is already 57% through the purchase process before reaching out to sales (source: CEB). This makes the content that buyers self-discover online a critical component of the sales process. 

The Mediafly platform is the first sales enablement solution to support consistent and personalized content experiences from the first time a buyer engages with a brand on its website through to sale and post-sale. Our Content Hub capability allows marketers to target buyers with dynamic, relevant, and personalized content based on their behavior on site. This shortens the path to purchase and allows sellers to engage earlier in the buyer journey while buyers are still largely influenceable. Once a seller gets involved, they’re able to leverage data about what content the buyer found most interesting to pick the conversation up and take it exactly where the buyer needs it to go. 

Again guided selling tools can be leveraged by the seller to ensure the buyer is receiving the content and information they need to convert to a customer. Throughout the sales process, the platform captures meeting notes and data surrounding what content has been presented and how it was perceived by the buyer and automatically logs it in the appropriate account or opportunity record in CRM. AI-powered content recommendations guide sales reps in engaging buyers through the remainder of their journey and accelerate the path to purchase.

Enable Marketers to Use Data Insights to Distinguish Their Brands In Front Of Buyers 

Now more than ever, marketers are expected to prove the ROI of their content. Like other sales content solution providers, Mediafly offers marketers data and insight into what content is being leveraged by sales. But our advanced analytics and Insights dashboard also go much further. They track and measure how buyers consume sales and marketing content – from time spent viewing an asset to the number of shares – and tie specific content assets directly to pipeline creation, and ultimately, revenue.

This gives marketers data-backed evidence to optimize existing assets, reallocate budget to the content types they know work, and better plan their content roadmaps for the future. Buyers are also scored based on their content consumption so sellers and marketers can gauge their interest and focus more attention on the buyers who are most likely to close. 

Mediafly Leads the Sales Enablement and Sales Content Solution Market

In the two years since the last Wave report was published, we didn’t just grow our market share through acquisition or add new capabilities for the sake of adding new capabilities. We advanced the Mediafly solution to meet the most sophisticated needs of the ever-evolving market and our customers are growing their sales and revenue as a result. We’re proud to be recognized as a strong performer in this year’s Wave report and of the success of the trailblazing companies using our differentiated sales content solutions. 

To learn more about Mediafly’s sales enablement and sales content solutions, contact us or request a demo

John Evarts has been honored to serve Mediafly since 2010 providing strategic, financial, and operational leadership. Under his guidance, the company has earned recognition by Forrester as one of the top sales enablement automation providers and by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. An MBA graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, John enjoys speaking on topics such as start-ups, finance, and enterprise software.

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