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Transform your content into interactive sales presentations!

Empower marketers and sellers with interactive content and personalized sales presentations. Bring your content to life, boost buyer engagement and help close bigger deals.

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Don't send your buyers to sleep

Engaging content and sales presentations anytime, anywhere

Allow sellers and buyers access to all the latest, on-brand content from one central location, anytime on any device. Engage your customers and prospects with easy-to-personalize, interactive presentations in-person or remotely.

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We’ve created a new energy inside our sellers. They’re engaging in more strategic conversations at executive levels, and it’s really elevated our opportunities.

Bill Weinberg, Presales Director, Micro Focus 


Bring content to life with interactive presentations

Deliver interactive presentations with valuable and inspiring content that sellers want to use and buyers want more of - whether it’s presented in-person, remotely or shared in follow-up emails.

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Jumpstart Presentations

Jumpstart Presentations is a cost-effective, risk-free and quick way to get engaging, interactive sales presentations into your reps' hands. Easily track and measure what’s working.

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Content is key to a successful sales enablement strategy



Organize & Measure Marketing Content

Ensure relevant content is quickly surfaced for sales & customers. Then measure for effectiveness & optimize.

Improve Buyer Engagement

Tailor interactive content & value selling tools to individual buyer needs, whether it’s for remote or in-person interactions.

Drive Consistent & Bigger Sales Wins

Automate non-selling tasks & empower confident, credible sellers with in-depth coaching & value-led content.

Build personalized microsites for an immersive content experience

Collate relevant interactive content into easy-to-personalize micro-sites, that reps can present from or invite buyers to, for an immersive content experience that answers audience-specific questions and adds value to the buyer journey.


Quantify your value with value selling tools

Empower sellers with Mediafly ValueStory® tools to boost your close rate. Effectively quantify and communicate the real value of your solution to budget-conscious buyers.

  • Maximize buyers' engagement by turning sales presentations into value-based conversations.
  • Leverage configurable tools, like ROI and TCO calculators, product comparisons, diagnostic and interactive self-assessment tools.
  • Quantify your solution benefits with differentiating, actionable insights buyers can’t find anywhere else.

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Jumpstart ROI Program

2 weeks to launch! Use Jumpstart ROI as a cost-effective, risk-free and quick way to get your sales reps up and running with value selling tools.

Interactive ROI tool allowing for better discovery, storytelling, insights, financial justification and evidence.

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Engaging the Modern B2B Buyer

Buyers have changed and now expect more. See how you can evolve your selling strategies and content to engage the modern buyer.


Is your business’s full value being seen and understood by customers and prospects?

Communicating “value” is often cited as the biggest barrier to achieving sales growth goals, meaning the customers’ perceived value of your product or service is far lower that the reality.

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