Mediafly Product Feature Roundup Q2 2021

By Hans Brieden | July 12, 2021

With great power, comes great product capabilities! At Mediafly, we take pride in the value that we bring to our customers and the benefits our solutions can provide them. After all, without our differentiating products, we’d be just another sales enablement provider in a rapidly growing space.

Now halfway through 2021, we’re excited to share our product feature roundup for Q2. 

Mediafly Launches Broadcaster to Elevate Visual Storytelling

According to Forrester, 70% of companies will pivot to a hybrid work model post-pandemic. As revenue teams adjust to in-person and remote interactions, capturing and keeping buyers’ attention is increasingly difficult. More than ever, businesses need content that is not only personalized but delivered in a high-quality format. However, current video conference technology focuses only on static documents and cameras, failing to support the animated, interactive content formats required to engage buyers in today’s digital selling environment.

Using Broadcaster, Mediafly customers can seamlessly and reliably share highly interactive content formats such as videos and presentations during virtual meetings. By simply sharing a link with participants during live interactions, Broadcaster immerses buyers in a dynamic, interactive story where the rep leading the meeting securely controls the playback of videos and flow of content. 

Mediafly Enhances Brand Monitor Tool

Compliance and adherence to brand guidelines are important. But it can be difficult to monitor when you give everyone access to upload content or other information into your sales enablement platform. Using the Brand Monitor tool, admins are notified of brand consistency issues and can greatly reduce time spent on corrections and reuploads.

“Brand Monitor does not restrict users from uploading content, but rather monitors how they upload and ensures that all of your content is on-brand,” said Chris Tran, Director of Product Engagement at Mediafly. “The current tool recognizes smaller inconsistencies with fonts, colors, and brand messaging. Once these items are flagged, admins are then notified by email and given a page-by-page breakdown of where these inconsistencies occur and how to fix them.”

Later this year, we expect to enhance the tool to identify inconsistencies in logos and other imagery associated with your brand as well.

Mediafly Strengthens Value-Selling Portfolio with Self-Authoring Capabilities for Marketers

More than ever, marketers are tasked with educating buyers on the unique value their product or service can deliver. In late May, we announced the expansion of ValueStory Tool Builder to include capabilities for marketers. This allows marketers to easily and flexibly create value marketing tools such as ROI calculators and value assessments for demand generation.

“ValueStory Tool Builder gives marketers highly interactive demand gen tools that not only capture buyers’ attention more effectively, but also set the stage for future value-based discussions, resulting in more sales-ready leads,” said Isabelle Papoulias, CMO at Mediafly.

With ValueStory Tool Builder, Mediafly empowers marketing teams to engage today’s more frugal buyers earlier with value-based stories and quantifiable outcomes. 

It’s important to remember that today’s marketing teams play a critical role in revenue generation. Enabling them to succeed in the same way you enable your sales reps helps you hit sales targets.

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Existing Mediafly customers should contact their customer success or account representative to learn how to deploy these new Mediafly features!

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Hans Brieden is the PR & Content Marketing Coordinator at Mediafly. He is responsible for developing content that is engaging and informative to drive traffic and support lead generation. Additionally, he manages Mediafly’s public relations initiatives. Hans attended Grand Valley State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations.

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