Sales Enablement For All: Mediafly has acquired iPresent Ltd. to become the first company in the space to provide enterprise-grade sales enablement to any-sized sales team. Together, we're making sales enablement easy, effective, and evolved.

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Sales Enablement & Content Management Platform

Mediafly’s Evolved SellingTM Solution

Incorporate sales enablement and content management to enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers. Empower your sales reps to make sales interactions much more impactful and successful.

Is your sales team spending too much time designing generic powerpoint presentations?

Our customers report spending on average 20 to 30% less time weekly on content creation and management. The biggest teams report saving up to 100,000h/year.

Are you unable to create personalized and engaging presentations that resonate with buyers?

84% of the buyers meeting with sellers using technology to offer an interactive presentation focused on their needs, felt the meeting was valuable and learned something new. (Forrester Consulting)

Are your sales reps struggling to get a second meeting?

77% of buyers interacting with sales reps able to easily pivot the sales discussions based on audiences’ questions and interests accept a follow up meeting after the first interaction.(Forrester Consulting)

Customer Testimonial, SONOCO

Jennifer Tillman describes the impact Mediafly’s Platform has had on Sonoco’s business.

We engaged Mediafly as a partner to help us connect all the pieces of data and information that were around the company because our sales reps were spending a lot of time trying to connect the dots. We wanted a solution that would connect all that information in one space, where they could easily search and find what they needed for their specific needs.


The Benefits of Sales Enablement

up to
lift in revenue

up to
increase in repeat business

up to
more closed deals

up to
increased cross-sells

Source: Forrester Consulting

The Evolved SellingTMSolution

Go beyond sales enablement to create a sophisticated selling experience that buyers value






Assessments and Workshops for Progressive Marketers and Sellers

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A Next Generation Sales Enablement Platform for Evolved Selling

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Interactive Selling Tools for Value-Based Sales Experiences

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Sales Training and Coaching to Continuously Improve Confidence and Credibility

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Data and Analytics to Ensure Your Content Efforts Drive Revenue and Growth

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Evolved Selling™ Is Effective Selling

Deliver relevant, interactive insights and content to buyers.

Empower sales reps to be more engaging in every meeting.

Meet the needs of today’s sophisticated B2B buyer, in every sales interaction.

Ditch the static sales pitch to win more deals.

Value-Based Sales Experiences That Buyers Actually Look Forward To:


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