Mediafly Enhances Value Selling Product Portfolio with Self-Authoring Capabilities for Marketers

By Lindsey Tishgart | May 25, 2021

Mediafly Enhances Value Selling Product Portfolio with Self-Authoring Capabilities for Marketers

Easy-to-launch value marketing tools enhance self-guided buyer research for warmer, more sales-ready leads

CHICAGO – May 25, 2021 Mediafly, a provider of sales enablement technology, content management, and advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, announced today the expansion of its ValueStory® Tool Builder platform to include capabilities for marketers. A pioneer of value enablement for the entire customer lifecycle, Mediafly is expanding its leading ValueStory platform with new Tool Builder self-authoring capabilities, allowing marketers to easily and flexibly create value marketing tools such as ROI calculators and value assessments for demand generation. With ValueStory Tool Builder, Mediafly empowers marketing teams to engage today’s more frugal buyers earlier with value-based stories and quantifiable outcomes.

More than 60% of buyers prefer to gather information on their own and 70% of the buyer’s journey now happens digitally and without a sales rep. This presents a challenge for marketers to connect with prospects earlier, longer, and more effectively. More than ever, marketers are tasked with educating and quantifying the unique value their product or service can deliver. ValueStory Tool Builder provides an intuitive UI, allowing marketers to quickly build ROI calculators and value assessment tools that fully and easily integrate into company websites and marketing automation platforms for lead generation, capture, and nurturing.

“With the buyer journey becoming ever more digital and self-serve, and buyers delaying contact with sales reps, marketing’s role to engage becomes even greater. There is an opportunity for marketing to help create consistent value enablement across the entire customer lifecycle,” said Isabelle Papoulias, CMO, Mediafly. “ValueStory Tool Builder gives marketers highly interactive demand gen tools that not only capture buyers’ attention more effectively but also set the stage for future value-based discussions, resulting in more sales-ready leads.”  

ValueStory Marketing tools created with Tool Builder are deployed as self-service, interactive ROI calculators, and value assessments on company websites, illuminating and quantifying customers’ pain points and piquing their interest in how products or services can solve unique business problems and deliver tangible outcomes. The point-and-click application allows marketers to quickly create data collection and outcome analysis results pages on a company website, delivering a personalized value analysis report to the customer once the analysis is completed. 

The ValueStory Marketing tools can be connected to Hubspot, Marketo, and other leading marketing automation platforms to ensure leads and other key profile information including results and a copy of the personalized analysis report are properly captured in real-time. Tool Builder is also available via Jumpstart ROI, Mediafly’s accelerated value-selling program, providing turnkey services to build the initial calculator/assessment tool in less than 3 weeks.

Mediafly ValueStory enables marketers to prove the value of potential solutions to prospects early in the decision process, helping to develop and deliver self-service, interactive tools to help buyers:

“Just as buying decisions are assigned to multiple areas of an organization today, so is the task of communicating and quantifying value,” said Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly. “In order to scale value articulation to each step in the customer lifecycle, ValueStory Tool Builder can be used to build once and deploy several interactive tools to help prospects understand potential value outcomes, sellers build CFO-ready financial justification business cases, and customer success and growth sellers to prove and expand realized value post-sale.”

ValueStory Tool Builder is now available for sales, marketing, and customer success teams. For more information, visit

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