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Can your sellers quantify the value of your offering in every sales interaction?

We have the solution.

  • A fully functional interactive value selling tool with discovery, storytelling, insights, financial justification and evidence.
  • 1 workshop with a lead analyst.
  • License includes unlimited number of tools.

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Boost win rates by up to 90%, while shortening sales cycles!

Mediafly’s Jumpstart ROI Program makes it easier than ever to get started.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:


Fast delivery of an ROI calculator using Mediafly’s proprietary quick-start Tool Builder application.


A workshop with one of our Principal Analysts in a collaborative development session.


Create, edit and track content via Mediafly’s Gateway content management system.

Prove the value of your offering to your customers

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Customized options

Customize your ROI tools with integrations and languages.

  • Salesforce CRM integration - access and launch the tool, share data into any analysis and collect data back, track usage and get business impact/outcome reports to document the value of your value selling program, all within your Salesforce instance.
  • International adaptation - language translation localization support for specific regions (worldwide currency is included).

Value selling has changed the way that we sell. We now have tools that make our sellers more consultative so that they can provide clients with greater value.

Patrick Flanigan, VP Sales Enablement


Find Out More About Value Selling

What makes Mediafly Jumpstart ROI different?

Get started quickly with effective ROI tools.

  • Unbeatable speed to value in 2 weeks.
  • Easy to use visual interface designed specifically for sales reps to use on-demand when collaborating live with customers (not just for expert value engineers / consultants).
  • Support for international selling and currencies (not just US).
  • Support for better discovery and value storytelling (not just the numbers and ROI).
  • Scalable to your entire sales team and partner community for one low annual fixed fee per tool (not per user).
  • Risk-free.

The Impact of ValueStoryTM Value Selling Platform

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Reduction in Stalled Deals

ADP experienced a 50% decrease in stalled deals going from 60% to about 30% after implementing value-based selling tools.

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Win Rates

Shoretel’s implementation of value-based selling tools boosted their win rates to 90%, while shortening their sales cycles.

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More Deals

Sellers using interactive selling tools reported closing 43% more deals than sellers using standard presentation collateral and a 20% boost in sales quotas.