Mediafly announces Evolved Selling™ award winners

By Hans Brieden | October 4, 2021

There’s one thing everyone at Mediafly agrees on: we have the very best customers. During Mediafly’s EVOLVE 2021 Event, we recognized several of these forward-thinkers and innovators doing great things with Mediafly solutions at their organizations. Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2021 Evolved Selling Awards:

Sales Enablement: The Sequel

Sales Enablement Excellence Award

Doug May, VP, Global Value Acceleration, Databricks

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners - Doug May

Doug May, one of Mediafly’s most prolific users, won the award for Sales Enablement Excellence for leveraging Mediafly (again!) to drive value across the organization at Databricks. Previously with Splunk, Doug championed Mediafly’s platform and tools to articulate value and enable reps to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities. Now driving Mediafly efforts at Databricks, Doug’s expertise is helping the organization to realize the same benefits.

Since Doug and the Databricks team launched their Mediafy value acceleration program six months ago, they’ve experienced increased sales rep engagement and added more value for customers. Mediafly recognizes Doug May as a sales enablement expert and applauds his determination to implement Mediafly wherever he goes!

Interactive Content Transforms the Content Engagement Experience

Content Enablement Excellence Award

Sean Goldie, VP, Revenue Enablement & Strategy, 6sense

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners

Sean Goldie won the award for Content Enablement Excellence for transforming the 6sense revenue team’s content engagement experience through Presentified workspaces and content. 

Presentify enables Mediafly users like Sean to use sophisticated visual communication capabilities for elevated sales storytelling.

Sean spoke with Presentify’s Tricia Stamatakos at the event to provide a deeper look at how 6sense leverages Presentify to build attention-grabbing digital content. Since launching interactive and animated, “presentified” content, 6sense has seen a 325%+ increase in active users, a 3,300% increase in content views, and a more consistent buyer journey with increased cross-functional collaboration.

As a longtime client of Mediafly, we are thrilled to see 6sense continue to find success. Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments!

Ready, Set, Go: Sales Enablement Launched

Sales Enablement Excellence Award

Chad Hetrick, VP, Sales Operations & Pricing, Americas, Sealed Air

Tim DeMint, Executive Director, Sales Operations & Enablement, Sealed Air

Kevin White, Director, CRM, Sales Process & Technology Enablement, Sealed Air

Matt Lenahan, Sales Enablement, Sealed Air

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners

A star-studded team of individuals from Sealed Air won the award for Sales Enablement Excellence. In close partnership and co-development with Mediafly, Chad Hetrick, Tim DeMint, Kevin White, and Matt Lenahan won this award for launching their global Mediafly platform to thousands of users in just six weeks. 

Sealed Air selected Mediafly over Showpad based on Mediafly’s seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, superior data and analytics capabilities, and proven customer-facing value calculators. Using these key differentiators, the Sealed Air team quickly launched their enterprise sales application and saw immediate results: 90% user adoption, 13% increase in content engagement, and more widespread adoption across the organization.

Kudos to Sealed Air for the well-deserved recognition!

Value Selling Outperforms the Competition

Top Performer Award

Lisa Bobb-Semple, Manager, Sales Enablement & Communications, USPS

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners

Lisa Bobb-Semple of USPS won the Top Performer award for championing and successfully deploying tools to 1,000+ field sales representatives on her mission to provide smarter tools, collateral, and lead gen campaigns to help sales win business faster.

Lisa approached Mediafly to find a solution to enable sellers with the right tools and content to lead more productive sales conversations. USPS was in the process of moving away from their current international shipping calculator tool when they discovered Mediafly’s more robust value acceleration program.

Using Mediafly’s value acceleration program, USPS equips its commercial teams with value selling tools such as ROI and TCO calculators to engage and add value for customers. After walking customers through these tools in real-time, USPS reps are able to share branded, trackable analyses with the precise information customers want to see. Post-launch, USPS increased conversion rates in the late stages of the buying process and drove more customer engagement.

Lisa is a leading example of how to get the most out of your Mediafly solution. Congratulations to her for this outstanding achievement!

The Future is Sales Enablement

Influencer Award

Wayne Ashton, Global Sales Enablement Lead, Nestle Professional

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners

Wayne Ashton won the Influencer Award for fully leveraging Mediafly’s integration with SAP Sales Cloud and successfully proving the value of the solution to Nestle’s global team.

Using Mediafly in conjunction with SAP, Nestle can track actionable content usage insights to determine what content is being used, as well as what content is driving revenue. As a result, Wayne and his team achieved increased customer engagement and improved sales conversion rates.

Wayne sets the precedent for the future of sales enablement. We’d like to congratulate him for continuing his efforts to prove value to his customers and enabling his sales teams to succeed in this digital selling environment.

Value-Focused Partnership Leads to Innovative Thinking

Innovation Award

Shawn Tsetsilas, Director of Digital Transformation, PTC

Gino Colonico, Digital Transformation Lead, PTC

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners

Co-recipients Shawn Tsetsilas and Gino Colonico won the Innovation award for thinking outside the box and challenging us to continue to evolve our value selling, reporting, and integration capabilities.

The world is seeing major global shifts in what it means to safely and efficiently conduct business. As a result, it’s more important than ever to reduce operational costs, maximize revenue growth, and increase efficiency in streamlined and effective ways. 

Our partnership with PTC has helped us to better understand what capabilities are most important to sellers in a challenging market and to provide more value for our customers so they can provide more value for theirs. We look forward to continuing these important conversations with PTC. Thank you!

Value Enablement Drives Large-Scale Efforts

Value Enablement Excellence Award

Michelle Bai, Head of Analytics & Value, Digital Strategy Group, Adobe

Mediafly Announces Evolved Selling™ Award Winners

Michelle Bai won the award for Value Enablement Excellence for leveraging Mediafly’s platform to create 10+ tools as part of a large-scale value effort within Adobe. As the Head of Analytics and Value, Digital Strategy Group at Adobe, Michelle sought to build one tool, in particular, to standardize, streamline, and enhance their customer success managers’ ability to produce customer value summaries. 

Keeping value top of mind, Michelle also pushed to leverage Mediafly’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities to ensure each piece of content empowers buyers with the relevant information they need to make educated purchase decisions. 

Michelle’s incredible attention to detail and her passion for value enablement earned her our Value Enablement Excellence award. Congratulations, Michelle!

Ready to embark on your sales enablement journey? Download our Sales Enablement Toolkit to get started. 

Hans Brieden is the PR & Content Marketing Coordinator at Mediafly. He is responsible for developing content that is engaging and informative to drive traffic and support lead generation. Additionally, he manages Mediafly’s public relations initiatives. Hans attended Grand Valley State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations.

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