16 sales enablement statistics that will make you want to try it

By Leigh Famigliette | October 3, 2022

The global sales enablement market is estimated to be worth around 2.4 billion dollars, with experts projecting that number will grow to $11 billion by 2032. Why are businesses in every industry all over the world prioritizing sales enablement like never before?

When done right, sales enablement is a foolproof way to ensure all of your revenue teams, including marketing, sales, and customer success, have the tools, content, and resources they need to uplevel customer engagement and drive more revenue. 

Not quite convinced? These 16 sales enablement statistics may change your mind.

Sales enablement transforms the buying experience 

Today’s B2B buyers are similar to B2C in that they expect companies to treat them as individual people with unique interests. Your ability to close a sale relies on your ability to deliver a personalized and engaging buyer experience that adds value at every stage of the journey. Did you know:

Consider the following customer experience examples:

Example 1: A popular meal-kit company continues to send you promotional offers for first-time customers when you’ve been an active subscriber for years. 

Example 2: A competitor of the meal-kit company sends you targeted content, including a list of their top 10 gluten-free meal recommendations because you previously indicated you have celiac disease in a quiz hosted on their website. 

Which company’s service are you more likely to subscribe to moving forward? 

52% of customers expect offers to always be personalized. A sales enablement platform with AI-powered, guided selling capabilities can help your marketers, sellers, and customer success teams provide buyers with the right content and promotions at the right time in their journey. The actionable insights allow revenue teams to understand how buyers engage with their content (e.g. how long they viewed it, how many times, and whether or not it helped move the deal forward), optimize their marketing strategy, and determine the next best sales action.  

Sales enablement helps revenue teams add  value (and increase revenue)

According to a 2020 Gartner report, sales reps have roughly 5% of a customer’s time during their B2B buying journey. And moving forward, 80% of sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.

Today’s buyers have a lot of content and information at their fingertips. Because of that, they’re relying less on sellers to get them through the buying process and more on marketing.

A sales enablement platform allows marketers to host and manage all of the content on their website and sales application in one place. With the ability to leverage the same tools and content as sellers, marketers can ensure they provide a personalized, value-added experience in the early stages of a buyer’s self-guided research. 

Marketers who use self-service ROI and TCO calculators hosted on their websites capture valuable information about a buyer’s business objectives and pain points and set the stage for sellers to have impactful, value-based conversations. 

When buyers understand the business value of your offer, deals close faster at higher average order values (AOV). 84% of business buyers are more likely to buy from sales reps that understand their goals. That’s likely why 87% of high-growth companies take a value-based approach to sales

Continuously coach and train sales reps

Would a wide receiver know what route to run without direction from their coach? Could a guitarist play the chords of a song if they had never heard it before? Similarly, a sales rep can not win a deal if they don’t know where to find the right content or how to use it.


Traditional, classroom-style sales training isn’t enough. A sales enablement platform integrated with a learning management system (LMS) can help you provide regular, on-demand sales coaching and training exercises to continuously improve the skills of your revenue teams. 

Much like the success of a wide receiver catching the winning touchdown or a guitarist rocking out to a cheering crowd, support for your sales reps ensures that they can lead engaging and relevant sales conversations that effectively deliver your go-to-market message.

On average, companies that invest in training and coaching their employees can expect a 353% return on investment.

Drive better business outcomes

You can use sales enablement to align revenue teams, increase sales effectiveness, and generate more revenue. Still not convinced? Did you know:

When you enable your sales, marketing, and customer success teams with the right technology, you empower them to better engage buyers, improve customer satisfaction, win more deals, and ultimately, increase revenue. 

Are you ready to embark on your sales enablement journey? Download our Sales Enablement Toolkit for more information on how to get started.

Leigh joined the content strategy and growth marketing team at Mediafly in January 2022 where she helps with all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, demand, and growth. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst Isenberg School of Management and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing.

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